Barbie and Kartell’s pink chairs are fit for dreamhouses large and small

Barbie x Kartell is a series of pink chairs, toy-sized and adult-sized, debuting at Milan Design Week 2024 in collaboration with Mattel Creations

Barbie collection life size chairs and doll chairs
(Image credit: Courtesy of Mattel and Kartell)

Mattel Creations has partnered with Italian furniture brand Kartell to present a design-focused Barbie accessory: an entirely pink series of collectible toy-sized and accompanying adult-sized chairs to add a touch of the dreamhouse to your own home, showcased during Milan Design Week 2024.

Barbie x Kartell: in the pink

Hand reaches for Barbie and Kartell doll-size pink chair

(Image credit: Courtesy of Mattel and Kartell)

‘Mattel Creations is our umbrella brand for premium collaborations and collectibles, which is why we are honoured to partner Barbie with Kartell,’ said Kim Culmone, senior vice president and global head of doll design for Mattel. ‘This collaboration truly transforms furniture into art, paying homage to Kartell’s iconic pieces while infusing them with Barbie's timeless style and charm.’

Barbie collection dollshouse chairs in box

(Image credit: Courtesy of Mattel and Kartell)

Mattel Creations has previously partnered with Pin-Up to present a book that charts the evolution of the Barbie Dreamhouse. Celebrating Barbie’s 65th anniversary, the new collaboration unites five Kartell chairs – ‘AI’, ‘Venice’, ‘Louis Ghost’, ‘Masters’, and ‘Ero|S|’, all by Philippe Starck – in Barbie’s fun style and distinctive bubblegum Mattel pink.

The collection makes use of innovative materials including bamboo and 100 per cent FSC recycled paper packaging, uniting sustainability and functionality. The collection is recreated in both doll and adult sizes, a fun interpretation of scale that nods to childhood nostalgia.

Barbie x Kartell pink chair with smaller chairs balancing on it

(Image credit: Courtesy of Mattel and Kartell)

‘We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Mattel to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Barbie. It highlights the values of creativity, innovation, and elegance that Kartell and Mattel share,’ said Lorenza Luti, Kartell’s marketing and retail director. ‘Our iconic Kartell chairs have always been seen as symbols of design and innovation, much like how Barbie has been a fashion icon for generations. The recent Barbie film highlighted her enduring appeal, further solidifying her status as a role model. By merging our two brands, we are able to offer a fresh interpretation of Kartell design, transforming our chairs into playful toys for fans of all ages.’

Barbie collection pink chair on a pink block

(Image credit: Courtesy of Mattel and Kartell)

The collection is showcased during Milan Design Week 2024 at the Mattel Creations pop-up at Condenast's ‘The Vogue Italia Closet’ from 16 April. The ‘Masters’ and ‘Louis Ghost’ chairs can be purchased exclusively at, for a limited time.

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