Adi Goodrich launches playful and cleverly efficient furniture collection

Adi Goodrich’s new furniture collection is rooted in simplicity and inspired by her childhood lumber yard visits and Enzo Mari’s Autoprogettazione

Adi Goodrich furniture designs
(Image credit: Chantal Anderson)

As one half of the award-winning creative studio Sing-Sing, the spatial designer Adi Goodrich knows a thing or two about making an impression. The Los Angeles-based studio, which Goodrich co-founded with her partner Sean Pecknold, has conjured up a wide array of immersive experiences, ranging from a larger-than-life art installation at Instagram’s HQ to the custom visuals and set design of the Fleet Foxes’ 2022 tour. 

‘Sing-Thing’: new furniture collection by Adi Goodrich

Table and chairs from Adi Goodrich furniture collection

(Image credit: Chantal Anderson)

This month, Goodrich returns to her roots with a woodworking-centric furniture line named ‘Sing-Thing’. A nod to her architectural restorer father and spending a memorable part of her childhood in lumber yards as a result, ‘Sing-Thing’ echoes the lively, surrealistic style that Goodrich’s environments are known for, while incorporating an ‘artful, anti-capitalist’ ethos as exemplified by its deep-rooted simplicity. 

‘I wanted to create a furniture line that was rooted in clever efficiency, using pre-cut 4’x8’ sheets and then assembling all the pieces in my studio – a small yet mighty 8’x10’ space, that’s hardly bigger than a full sheet of plywood,’ says Goodrich. I call it my female Enzo Mari approach, in reference to Autoprogettazione, his book about user-made furniture using ubiquitous materials, like pre-milled pine boards and plywood.’ Playful in silhouette and colourway, however, the succinct collection is what Goodrich describes as ‘inspired by and made for creative types’.

Mirror from Adi Goodrich furniture collection

(Image credit: Chantal Anderson)

She says, ‘I envisioned a collection of furniture that embodied the spirit of my work and at the same time felt like a departure from it, a new era. I also imagined creative people owning the furniture and living with it. The collection, of course, is made for anyone who loves it – however, I think the pieces in our homes can reflect the lives we live. This collection was inspired by strong and creative women so I hope these pieces find a place in those homes.’

Chair from Adi Goodrich furniture collection

(Image credit: Chantal Anderson)

Consisting of two tables, a dining chair, a side table, a standing lamp, a pendant light, a mirror, a reading chair and a vase, made in collaboration with the ceramicist Becki Chernoff of bX Ceramics, the small-batch collection exudes a captivating individuality that mirrors the thought and care behind each piece. 

‘My work for the past decade has been in set design, which is very fleeting. We build a set and a day later it's gone,’ Goodrich concludes. ‘Right before the pandemic, I began designing interiors for commercial clients and felt so elated to create permanent spaces in the city where I live. This collection is one step closer to designing for permanence, which is a real joy for me. I'm over the moon thinking about people living with my work in their daily lives.’

Table with flowers, from Adi Goodrich furniture collection

(Image credit: Chantal Anderson)

Pendant lamp by Adi Goodrich

(Image credit: Chantal Anderson)

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