Hair tools and treatments for taming your mane

From Monday hair care's natural shampoos to Ceremonia's scalp massager, we select the hair treatments and tools for taking care of all hair types

woman with long black hair lying against woman in white dress
Image courtesy of Ceremonia.
(Image credit: Ceremonia)

Although many have embraced comfy clothes, home exercise, and maybe even acquired a new baking habit during lockdown, living without regular trips to the barbers or hair salon has not come quite as easily. Regardless of whether your favourite spot has reopened or still remains closed, here are some worthy essentials that will help tame an unruly mane, or at the very least, keep it video-call ready.

Monday hair care

monday hair care in pink bottles

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The New Zealand-based brand Monday has ensured that its natural ingredient-focused and sodium lauryl sulfate-free formulas doesn’t come with a heavy price tag.

Fortified with coconut oil, shea butter, ginger root extract and rigorously developed to ensure hair absorbs all this goodness quickly, Monday’s product range delivers a thorough clean with minimal risk of skin irritation. What’s more, the line’s rectangular-shaped bottles not only allows them to be packed and shipped more efficiently, they are also made from recycled plastic. Even the pumps are 100 per cent recyclable – a coup in the beauty industry.

Bread Beauty Supply kit 1 wash 

bread hair care in glass bottle with light green label

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The multi-ethnic haircare market may be known for relying on harsh chemicals for getting results, but a new disrupter in the field is working to reorientate how curly hair can be cared for. Bread Beauty Supply is a clean and vegan line, designed specifically with textured and coiled hair (3A-4C hair types) in mind.

Nodding to the fact that natural Black hair requires more effort to be cared for, the brand has devised a Wash Kit, which packs its milky hair cleanser that cleans without tangling curls, its hair mask that conditions deeply without weighing hair down and its hair oil which serves as a gloss that nourishes hair in-between washes. They’ve also thrown in their extra-stretchy satin scrunchy, which is fully equipped to pull back and hold thick hair.

The Crown Kit by the Crown Affair x Jennifer Behr 

The Crown Affair green headband and hair oil

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To add some extra flair to your tresses, haircare favourite Crown Affair and accessory maven Jennifer Behr, have teamed up on a limited edition kit that pairs Crown Affair’s smoothing tsubaki seed hair oil with one of Behr’s signature silk headbands.

Inspired by the texture of silk, the versatile Crown Kit is conceived to complement all hair textures and lengths. Use the oil to condition hair, and smooth split ends and frizz, then deploy the elegant, mint green padded headband to effortlessly elevate your everyday look.

Klorane dry shampoo

Klorane dry shampoo in green, white, blue against green tiles on white tub

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It’s hard to imagine that Klorane’s iconic dry shampoo has been keeping hair refreshed for the last 50 years when washing isn’t an option (or a priority).

Today, the classic hypoallergenic and vegan formula now comes in a variety of options: with oat milk for normal to oily hair, a cooling mint version that helps to detox or refresh sweaty hair, a long-lasting formula with nettle that helps restore texture and bounce for longer, as well as versions for dark hair and in non-aerosol containers too. All of the bottles are made from recyclable aluminium that keeps with the brand’s sustainable mission.

Ceremonia Aceite de Moska scalp treatment 

Ceremonia Aceite de Moska white scalp massager and hair oil

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Scalp care does not get more indulgent than with this power pair from the Latinx-founded brand Ceremonia. Inspired by the traditional rituals and cultural practices of her heritage, founder Babba C. Rivera created a Dominican Republic-inspired treatment oil, Aceite de Moska, that tackles hair health at the scalp level.

Formulated with Brazilian Patua oil to combat flakiness and aloe vera to soothe and castor oil to add shine, the scalp treatment is best distributed using the brand’s massager or Masajeador, which also exfoliates for an extra feel-good factor.

Oribe repair shampoo and conditioner 

Orbie Gold Lust hair care shampoo and conditioner

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With the prospect of returning to a larger degree of normalcy now looming, return your hair to its prime with Oribe’s gold lust shampoo and conditioner. Created to restore and rejuvenate hair, the luscious collection counts on treasured oils like cypress and argan, and Oribe’s own bio-rejuvenating complex of plant collagen, biotin and niacinamide to fortify and strengthen from root to tip.

Jupiter dandruff and scalp care

Jupiter dandruff and scalp care in white bottle on kitchen counter

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Stress, poor air circulation and other pandemic-related circumstances can manifest themselves as scalp irritation, flakiness, and even more dreaded, dandruff, which is more common than most people let on. Jupiter is a flake-focused haircare line that treats dandruff while still delivering a luxurious experience.

Pairing proven active ingredients like zinc pyrithione with natural ones such as colloidal oatmeal, argn oil, and jujube, the range includes a balancing shampoo and conditioner, a medicated restoring serum, a soothing scalp elixir, a purifying mask and a scalp brush to keep flakiness at bay.

Kevin Murphy Blow.Dry collection

kevin murphy blow dry hair product in white container against green background

(Image credit: TBC)

Ever the innovator, Kevin Murphy has unveiled a new collection of heat-activated products to extend the duration of your blow dry. Developed with long chain polymer technology, the four-piece range delivers salon-esque results to lift, thicken, smooth or add volume, while also sealing in moisture and repelling water to fight frizz.

The effects are also able to last through multiple washes due to the weightless network of polymers, making it easier to achieve and return to your desired results with each use. Simply spray onto towel-dried hair and blow-dry as you please.

Mr. Smith Anti-Static comb 

woman running mr smith tortoise shell comb through her hair

(Image credit: TBC)

Combing your hair might feel like a thing of the past, but Mr. Smith’s new plant-based, anti-static combs will easily get you reacquainted. As the first tools of the Aussie brand, this wide-toothed comb is made from cellulose acetate, which gives it its static-free properties.

Purposefully designed to be used on all hair types, both wet hair and dry, the comb is ideal applying treatment products to hair or for detangling without excessive pulling involved.

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