Escentric Molecules launches new podcast

The founder of the niche fragrance brand, Geza Schoen, offers an education in scent

Bottles of fragrances
Escentric Molecules caused a sensation in 2006, when it launched a fragrance composed of nothing but the lab-created Iso E Super molecule.
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Dip your nose even slightly into the world of perfumery, and you’ll soon realise that it’s a complex ecosystem that has its own language, traditions, and a cast of characters. It can take a lifetime to learn it all, but the new podcast from Escentric Molecules founder, Geza Schoen, offers an entertaining audible companion to any olfactory education, whether your a long-time resident of the perfume universe or casual visitor. 

random bottles of fragrances

The Escentric Molecules collection features five fragrances, each concentrating on different rare aroma-molecules for famously captivating scents. 

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Having just launched its second episode, the Escentric Molecules ‘Molecast’ is co-hosted by Schoen and perfume writer and novelist, Susan Irvine. Together, they engage in a series of dialogues that examine the artistry and chemistry involved in creating perfumes. The first episode explores Molecule 5, the latest fragrance in the Escentric Molecules collection, which, like its precursors, focuses on a single aroma-molecule that creates a drastically different scent on each person. 

Escentric Molecules founder Geza Schoen

Escentric Molecules founder Geza Schoen

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In the words of Schoen, ‘we felt that there was a significant lack of content about fragrance, in the world of podcasts. With the Escentric Molecules Molecast, we’d like to inform listeners about what we are doing and what inspires us to create the fragrances we do.’
We hope that by holding Molecast as a conversation between Susan Irvine – who I have been working with and talking about fragrances now for about 20 years – and myself, will keep things lively and will enable us to give insider insights not only about the brand but about the world of fragrance in general.’

Future episodes include, ‘Sniffing out the erotic and the forbidden’, ‘The story of Escentric Molecules,’ and ‘Never mind the chemistry, here’s the art bit.’ You can find them on the Escentric Molecules website, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. 


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