Less then a week since our last party to launch the July sex issue at the Almada bar in London’s Mayfair, Wallpaper* geared up for its next bash. This time, for the opening of the Typographical Tart Cards exhibition, held at the KK Outlet in East London.

tart cards exhibition

See more images of the exhibition and the opening night
A project carried out in conjunction with St Bride Library and Type LLP, we asked designers – from students to superstars – to redesign and play tricks on the trademark of London call girls, the tart card. The response was phenomenal, with designers including Erik Kessels, Anthony Burrill, Neville Brody, NB: Studio, Value and Service, Fernando Gutiérrez, Ian Wright and Noma Bar all contributing. Over 400 cards will be on display both on wallpaper.com as well as at the KK outlet till 29th June.
Not surprisingly, opening night on the 24th June was a packed affair with the crowds spilling out on to the streets. A warm, balmy evening, welcome refreshments came courtesy of Tiger beer.