The Right Kind of Wrong, London

The Right Kind of Wrong, London
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It might be a brave move for an advertising agency to invite one of graphic design's more honest slogan stars to exhibit in its entrance hall, but creative risk-taking is something Mother does very well.

the exhibition’s installation

(Image credit: press)

See Burrill's pictures of the exhibition's installation

And hence former Wallpaper* cover artist (W*111 – the work issue), Anthony Burrill, and designer Michael Marriott have taken up residence in Mother’s foyer at The Biscuit Building with a collaborative exhibition based around the idea of truth.

The pair have created an unusual mobile structure, a hybrid of a garden shed, trolley, tower and studio. The structure is made from wooden panels, with Burrill’s text and graphic shapes laser cut into them, bearing slogans like ‘We Must Have The Truth’ and ‘Think Of Your Own Ideas’. It’s not your average piece of reception décor and makes for quite an imposing, didactic totem in the middle of the post-industrial space.

At the base of the tower is a small cupboard space with shelves, pictures and plants, providing a creative retreat from the stark agency foyer, warding off the stealing of others’ ideas by offering a place for quiet inspiration. Burrill’s prints also decorate the walls, so even employees rushing through can’t help but take in a mantra or two to their daily grind.

Burrill gave us his behind-the-scenes pictures of the exhibition’s installation and following his penchant for work-themed slogans, we thought it only fair he answer our Q&A about his own working life.


Mother Advertising
The Biscuit Building
Redchurch Street
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