Artists make a racket for the latest edition of The Art of Ping Pong

The Art of Ping Pong'
This year's 'The Art of Ping Pong' sees a host of wonderful artist-designed ping pong bats, which will be subsequently auctioned for charity. From left, Jake and Dinos Chapman's paddle takes a dig at Brexiteers; and Alan Kitching's inked up bat
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Playful, witty, rude, energetic and brilliantly ridiculous are apt terms to describe this year’s editions of The Art of Ping Pong, featuring paddles created by some truly exciting UK-based artists and illustrators. The show, curated once more by Algy Batten, features work by creative luminaries such as Alan Kitching, Ryan Gander, James Joyce and Thierry Noir, and will see a concurrent auction amass thousands of pounds for a worthy cause, the Alzheimer's Society.

Ranging from politically charged bats such as Jake and Dinos Chapman's profane text-based contribution – which addresses the furor surrounding Brexit – to the cheeky, eye-popping 3D work of Wilfrid Wood, this year’s collection has something for everyone. Throughout November, The Art of Ping Pong's website offers fans the opportunity to browse the stellar line-up and bid online for any piece from the collection. All of the paddles will be on display until tomorrow at Shoreditch's 71A Gallery.

The prospect of owning these art pieces is made all the more exciting by the cause the auction supports – the Alzheimer's Society is a UK charity leading the fight against dementia. And if you aren't lucky enough to win the bid for your favourite paddle, head to the show and get your hands on the limited-edition book, produced to accompany the exhibition.

Ping Pong design

British artist, designer and director Filfury's bat is made laser cut layers of plywood

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The Art of Ping Pong

James Joyce hand-painted his birch wood ply bat; and Damien Poulain's paddle

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Ping Pong design with two coloures

Nylon Sky's bat features a monochrome design with maple wood and inlaid Perspex

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Wooden Ping Pong

Ryan Gander dished up a rustic wooden paddle serving board, while Lakwena Maciver's paddle got straight to the point

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Ping Pong with blue coloured wheels

Matt Blease rolled in with a skateboard-inspired bat, complete with wheels and grip tape

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Ping Ping at London

South London illustrator Jacob Everett's bat faces off against itself, while Wilfrid Wood's paddle, made from paper and pulp, portrays Ibrahaim Hamamoto. The Egyptian Paralympic table tennis champion uses his mouth to hold the bat after having lots both arms in a train accident when he was 10 years old

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Ping Pong with Pink and blue coloured designed

British born, New York-based Jon Burgerman's paddle celebrates the 'Doodle' art style he is known for; and Helsinki-based designer Lina Linko looks to the sea for her creation

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Ping Pong with bat nods to Pop art

Morag Myerscough's graphic, neon bat; and David Shillinglaw's bat nods to Pop art

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The auction runs until midnight on 31 November. ’The Art of Ping Pong’ is on view until 8 November at 71A Gallery. For more information, visit The Art of Ping Pong website


71A Gallery
71 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4QS