A mans legs with suit pants, smart shoes and with a piece of wood balancing on them.
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Taking his cue from myriad past artistic illusionists - the New York-based, Israeli artist/designer, Ron Gilad, will this month present his creative vision at independent Chicago auction house, Wright20.

Soldier No's 1 & 2

(Image credit: TBC)

More of Ron Gilad’s Space Etc. collection at Wright20

Now, we’re all for the artist/designer amalgam here at Wallpaper*, but sometimes it’s easy to find oneself lost in the hype. When it comes to Gilad however, we can’t help but feel he’s taken the hybrid and made it whole.

With a restrained, intuitive approach, Gilad’s Space Etc. collection is a thorough examination of architectural boundaries and spatial margins.

With brushstroke-shaped mirrors, tables made from trouser legs and modernist ashtrays (more Corbusier construction than cigarette-receptacle), Gilad has adopted elements from across the breadth of contemporary design.

Like meticulously executed drawings, Gilad’s glass topped tables and wrought steel sculptures change shape and perspective when seen from various angles, leaving you craving a conclusive solidity.

With dada-esque playfulness, crafted rigorousness and a fair amount of conceptual navel-gazing, Gilad’s first exhibition at Wright20 is the ideal fix for those that like their design to keep them on their toes.


1440 W Hubbard
IL 60642