Magnum Photos launches new Square Print Sale

Titled ‘Now’, the latest Magnum Photos print sale (until 23 October 2022) features work from 31 photographers, curated with The Photographers’ Gallery, London

A black and white photo of a young female dancer with long hair bending over backward in front of a table in her room.
Olivia Arthur, Freya, a young dancer, shows some of her moves in her bedroom. Hull, England. 2017.
(Image credit: Olivia Arthur / Magnum Photos)

In a continuation of Magnum Photos’ 75th-anniversary celebrations, the renowned agency is releasing another Square Print Sale, the second in a series of three. Titled ‘Now’, this special edition is curated in partnership with The Photographers’ Gallery in London, which invited 31 of its own collaborators to contribute photographs to the sale. 

There are well over a hundred prints to feast your eyes upon, and consider as potential additions to your art collection. Here, the Wallpaper* photography team have curated an edit of must-haves. From Olivia Arthur’s portrait of a young dancer, to Gregory Halpern's bougainvillea with police tape, and Felicity Hammond’s abstraction of mineral extraction – it’s an eclectic, charged selection. 

Felicity Hammond, Mineral extraction #1. 2022. From the series Deposits. A collage stone and blue glass items.

Felicity Hammond, Mineral extraction #1. 2022. From the series Deposits.

(Image credit: Courtesy the artist and The Photographers’ Gallery)

Created as museum-quality 6x6in prints, all either signed or estate stamped, the series enters into an interesting collective dialogue in response to the theme of the present. Photographers or their estates considered what work from their archive stands out to them today: an image perhaps that, upon reflection, was pivotal in their career; or an image that reminds them of an important experience or a moment. Together, they are photographic readings spanning eight decades in which photography has evolved into a more democratic medium, and been taken increasingly seriously as the artform it is.

As an interesting pivot away from the norm of editioned prints limited by their number, these are editioned by time, as they will never be available again in this format outside this limited sale window of 17 – 23 October 2022. While the sale is live, curious collectors can view the prints in person at The Photographers’ Gallery.

The Explorer. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2002. A woman wearing a white shirt, yellow glasses and a headband sitting at a table examining eggs.

Alessandra Sanguinetti, The Explorer. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2002. 

(Image credit: Alessandra Sanguinetti / Magnum Photos)

Blue paper with circles cut into it with and flowers coming through the circles.

Alma Haser, From the series Pseudo. 2018.

(Image credit: Courtesy Alma Haser and The Photographers’ Gallery)

An elderly woman facing away from the camera wearing a red coat standing in front of some plants.

Carolyn Drake, My mother, photographed on Mare Island. Vallejo, California, USA. 2016.

(Image credit: Carolyn Drake / Magnum Photos)

A woman with black hair wearing an orange jersey driving a red car.

Chris Dorley Brown, MG Metro, Norton Folgate, EC2. London, England. 1987.

(Image credit: Chris Dorley Brown and The Photographers’ Gallery)

A man laying on the beach wearing a red cap with a baby goat under one arm.

Enri Canaj, Lambie and Spyros in the Aegean. August 2022.

(Image credit: Enri Canaj / Magnum Photos)

A flower covered tree behind a wire fence with police tape hanging from it.

Gregory Halpern Untitled (Bougainvillea and Police Tape). 2019.

(Image credit: Gregory Halpern / Magnum Photos)

Field #1. 2007-2009. From the series Verse I. A small orange sun behind dark clouds in the sky.

Nicholas Hughes, Field #1. 2007-2009. From the series Verse I. 

(Image credit: Nicholas Hughes and The Photographers’ Gallery)

Military Airshow MAKS. Moscow, Russia. 2017. A woman giving a presentation on a stage with missiles lined up in front of her and a missile in flight on a large screen behind her.

Thomas Dworzak, Military Airshow MAKS. Moscow, Russia. 2017.

(Image credit: Thomas Dworzak / Magnum Photos)


As Photography Editor at Wallpaper*, Sophie Gladstone commissions across fashion, interiors, architecture, travel, art, entertaining, beauty & grooming, watches & jewellery, transport and technology. Gladstone also writes about and researches contemporary photography. Alongside her creative commissioning process, she continues her art practice as a photographer, for which she was recently nominated for the Foam Paul Huf Award. And in recognition of her work to date, listed by the British Journal of Photography as ‘One to Watch’.