Bui Gallery, Singapore
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Singapore's ambition to establish itself as a regional arts centre continues to grow apace with the much-anticipated 23 July opening of Bui Gallery.

Western art galleries are still something of a novelty in Singapore, but Bui is an encouraging sign of the island-state's growing awareness of -- not to mention affection for -- the greater art world.

Founder and owner Betty Bui parlays her French-Vietnamese heritage and training at Christies to curate a sophisticated mix of established and budding artists from the region. Though just 32, she opened her flagship gallery last year in Hanoi, and after Singapore, she brings Bui Gallery Nomade, a roving gallery, to London in October.

For the moment, her focus is on Singapore with an ongoing remit to nurture an engaging blend of photography, videos, sculptures and installations. 'I feel there is so much energy here in the region to be explored,' she says. 'Established artists alongside new and exciting talents make up today's multiplicity of voices, developments, places and media and it is all happening here in Asia.'

The Singaporean gallery will open with an exhibition of surrealistic watercolours by the French artist Béatrice Cussol, with exhibitions by Ha Manh Thang, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Chen Man and the late Louise Bourgeois to follow in the coming year.


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