Artist’s Palate: Pavel Pepperstein’s oatmeal

 Pavel Pepperstein’s oatmeal
Clockwise from top left, ’Brussels’ napkin, $9, by Bodrum, from Gracious Home. ’Zermatt’ knife, $90, by Patrick Jouin, for Puiforcat. Condensed milk, $2.50, from Taste of Russia. Big Red chewing gum, $2, by Wrigley. ’Rundes Modell’ tablespoon, £222, by Josef Hoffmann, for Alessi. ’Mormor’ bowl, £48, by Gry Fager, from Normann Copenhagen. ’Glacier’ table, $15,200, by Paul Loebach, for Mattermade, from Matter. ’Kyber’ rug, $7,500, from ABC Home
(Image credit: Zachary Zavislak)

For all their intellectual heft, Pavel Pepperstein’s drawings and watercolours are curiously naive and romantic. His annotations draw on cultural theory and linguistics and their take on Russia and the world, yet his constructivism, and that of his art group Inspection Medical Hermeneutics, is often delivered in the sweet language of children’s books. It is the artworks that are exhibited internationally, but at home his films, rap poetry and novels have also made him famous.

There is undoubtedly a surrealistic quality to the artist’s oatmeal recipe: his inclusion of a stick of chewing gum would mightily confuse your average Scottish granny. Inspection Medical Hermeneutic’s installation ‘The Pipe or The Alley of Longevity’ is on display until 31 October at Regina Gallery in Moscow.

Prepare a bowl of oatmeal
Add a stick of US chewing gum
Add cinnamon to taste
Add lemon zest to taste
Add a dessert spoon of condensed milk (make sure that it is a silver spoon)
Add a pinch of salt on a knife tip
Add cane sugar to taste