Artist's Palate: Linder’s ‘She who possesses 100 husbands’

Artwork, by Linder. Gold ‘Infinity’ band, £525, by De Beers. ‘Perfection’ tumbler, £62, by Baccarat, from Thomas Goode. ‘Mono-a’ gold-plated spoon, €385 for a five-piece set, by Mono. ‘Solid Colors 409 Latte’ laminate, from £30 a sheet, by Abet Laminati
(Image credit: John Short)

Since bursting onto the art scene in the late 1970s, the feminist British artist Linder (full name Linder Sterling) has pulled no punches when it comes to portraying a woman’s sexual prowess. Her reviving Ayurvedic elixir is just as potent. The main ingredient is shatavari – otherwise known as ‘she who possesses 100 husbands’ – a herbal aphrodisiac said to impart the reproductive strength to cater to as many partners. Sterling brews the root, or its powdered form (right), with a gold ring, believed to improve stamina and strengthen the heart, and organic rose petals. Finished with organic honey, the arousing tonic can be enjoyed hot or cold, and is best served with a partner, of course.

For two people:
4 cups water
1 gold ring
fresh or dried organic rose petals; if using fresh petals, around two cupfuls, with dried petals use just under a cupful
1/2 inch shatavari root or 1/4 tsp powdered root
honey to taste

Boil the water in a pan with a gold ring until the water has reduced by half. Remove the ring and add the rose petals and shatavari, cover and leave to steep for 5 mins. Strain and add honey to taste. Garnish with gold leaf and/or rose petals. This tonic cocktail may be consumed hot or cold depending on the season.
‘The more fragrant the rose, the more fragrant the tea. If time permits, you can clip the white bases from the fresh rose petals otherwise they can be bitter,’ says Linder. As for the honey, she uses Maharishi Rare Vedic Organic Honey


Photograpy: John Short. Interiors: Matthew Morris. Food: Maud Eden

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