A Mirror Vision by Olivier Brouwers, Brussels

Old black and white photograph of young girl looking out of cable car with a European city landscape behind her.
(Image credit: TBC)

This month, for six days only, Belgian artist Olivier Brouwers will be peddling his photographic wares at The Young Gallery in Brussels.

Black and white photograph of passengers on a bus. A gentleman wearing a hat reads a large newspaper whilst the man sat the left tips his head backwards.

(Image credit: TBC)

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Bruxelles/Barcelone: A Mirror Vision, is a happy-go-lucky exposition of Brouwers ongoing photographic fiction. Drawing on his dual-city personality, his photographs present opposing everyday realities across the continent.

Born in Brussels and living in Barcelona, A Mirror Vision is a playful take on Brouwers’ double life. His seemingly impromptu, yet innately cinematic black and white photographs outline carefree happenings in both cities - elderly men reading on buses, a pair of improbable beauties scootering around town, and a pair of intercity weddings.

Brouwers draws us artfully into the romance of his glossy, achromatic fictions - playing up to the cultural stereotypes of two highly distinct, but inherently alike cosmopolitan centres.

Heaped with a liberal amount of cappuccino-style froth – A Mirror Vision holds a narrative weight, but also affords us the room to take a step back and admire the beauty of each city (and more importantly, the attractive creatures that inhabit them).

Brouwers’ urban observations may sit on the picture-perfect side of the photographic fence - but his work also invokes a gentle timelessness that we can't help but admire.


Avenue Louise 75b - 1050
Wiltcher’s place – Conrad Hotel

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