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It’s been a long and winding road to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)’s Renzo Piano-designed Resnick Exhibition Pavillion – according to LACMA, ‘the largest purpose-built open-plan museum space in the world’ which finally opened to the public last month. For the full story see W*140

See images of the 180ft by 200ft structure, inside and out

Following the building’s every move and so much more, is ‘Unframed’ – a blog run by a team of LACMA staffers and curators who, in their own words, ‘hope to transcend those major categories and create an open conversation about all the things we find intriguing or brilliant or curious as art fans and museum hands.’


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Launched on the day LACMA broke ground on the Resnick Pavillion just over two years ago, Unframed runs modestly alongside, bound in subject matter only by a relationship, tangential or otherwise, to the art and artist of LACMA, L.A, and Southern California. But the key, as Tom Drury, Senior Editor of and founder of Unframed, explains, ‘is that the tone is conversational, person-to-person. Passion, humor, and candor are prized. Being in touch with what turns you on about art is prized most of all. And we don’t deduct points for not having all the answers.’