Trakt Forest Hotel allows guests to float among the trees

cabin in swedish forest at trakt forest hotel
(Image credit: Joakim Nådell)

Trakt Forest Hotel by Wingårdhs floats among the tree canopy in Sweden's Sällehägnad. Set among rich woods in the country's southern province of Småland, the project was composed with simplicity in mind. Engulfing the visitor in nature, offering straightforward, sustainable architecture, this is a hotel that places the forest experience at the heart of its identity. 

trakt forest hotel cabins on stilts in woods

(Image credit: Joakim Nådell)

The project, led by studio founder Gert Wingårdh and architect Sara Helder, is composed of five suites set in cabins that have been raised on stilts, seemingly hovering above the forest floor. ‘By elevating the buildings, the suites get closer to the treetops and leave the ground untouched. It gives a feeling of being in between. Present,' the architects explain.

swedish cabin at night

(Image credit: Linus Englund)

The timber volume of each cabin has been conceived to maximise the guests’ connection with the surrounding woods. Openings were carefully placed to frame various views – towards the leafy context, but also upwards, towards the sky that peeks through the foliage. ‘The one over the bed is the key to make you feel the soothing sensation of watching tall pine trees sway in the wind. That, together with an intimate and frugal inside décor in chlorophyll green, strengthens the experience of being invisible in the middle of a deep Swedish forest,' the architecture team adds. 

inside room in swedish cabin hotel

(Image credit: Linus Englund)

Leaning into their commitment to an eco-friendly approach, the architects constructed the cabins using locally sourced timber, covering the façade in gently cut, but still raw, pine wood. The dig was kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring a gentle footprint for this Swedish hotel, which hopes to leave its natural context as untouched as possible for both the guests' enjoyment and the local ecosystem's sake and future preservation.

looking up towards skylight in trakt forest hotel in sweden

(Image credit: Gert Wingårdh)

Ellie Stathaki is the Architecture & Environment Director at Wallpaper*. She trained as an architect at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and studied architectural history at the Bartlett in London. Now an established journalist, she has been a member of the Wallpaper* team since 2006, visiting buildings across the globe and interviewing leading architects such as Tadao Ando and Rem Koolhaas. Ellie has also taken part in judging panels, moderated events, curated shows and contributed in books, such as The Contemporary House (Thames & Hudson, 2018), Glenn Sestig Architecture Diary (2020) and House London (2022).