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Best architectures in the world
Civic and Community category winner, completed projects: Cam Thanh Community House by 1+1>2 International Architecture, Vietnam
(Image credit:

The Interlace by OMA and Buro Ole Scheeren has been crowned World Building of the Year by World Architecture Festival 2015. Meanwhile Vancouver House by BIG was awarded Future Project of the Year and Yanweizhou Park by Turenscape International got the Landscape of the Year gong.

They were up against an eclectic shortlist - all of them category winners - at the festival in Singapore, which is billed as the world's biggest international architectural event. 

The stiff competition that included OMA and Buro Ole Scheeren's radical and alternative 'vertical village' in Singapore, for example, was matched by projects such as the quirkily individual Saigon House by Vietnamese practice a21 Studio. This too is an alternative dwelling, whose materials were sourced from local scrap markets.

There was more inspiring use of materials, many of them natural, at Cam Thanh Community House in the Vietnamese tourist destination of Hoi Han. Architecture firm 1+1>2 thatched the bamboo roofs with coconut leaves. 

In the Future Projects category, a straw roof is a winner. Designed by PROARH, the roof of ISSA Grotto/Hill House slopes down the meet the Croatian landscape.

A big straw hat supported by tree-like columns doubles as a roof in Klein Dytham's indoor play area for children. The Soma City Home for All was a pro bono project following the destruction wreaked by Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Materials also played a key role in Beijing's Courtyard House Plugin, but this time it was the effective contrast of tradition and modernity which wowed the jury. People's Architecture Office introduced a prefab modular system to improve living conditions in Dashilar, a centuries old neighbourhood of courtyard housing.

There's more sensitive reworking of the old with the new in St Petersburg. Studio 44 Architects have created a ballet school within a former cinema and a house.

For future impact, Bjarke Ingels Group's penthouse living concept for Vancouver was a category winner. The elegant twisted tower is yet to be built.

White building with best architecture

Commercial and Mixed Use category winner, future projects: Gardens by the Waterway, Neighbourhood Centre and Polyclinic at Punggol by MULTIPLY ARCHITECTS

(Image credit: Multiply Architects)

Sky scrapers in the world

Competition entries category winner, future projects: Quay Quarter by Francis Jones Morehen Thorp

(Image credit: Francis Jones Morehen Thorp)

Building with red dooms

Culture category winner, future projects: Musem of Painting and Sculpture by EAA Emre Arolat Architects, Turkey

(Image credit: EAA Emre Arolat Architects)

Best architectures

Display category winner, completed projects: Brazilian Pavilion Expo Milano 2015 by Studio Arthur Casas + Atelier Marko Brajovic, Italy

(Image credit: Studio Arthur Casas + Atelier Marko Brajovic)

Architectures in Dubai

Health category winner, future projects: Al-Maha Centre for Children and Young Adults by HDR Rice Daubney, Qatar

(Image credit: HDR Rice Daubney)

Health sector winner in best architectures

Health category winner, completed projects: Walumba Elders Centre by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects

(Image credit: Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects)

Best architectures in Japan

Higher Education and Research category winner, completed projects: Toho Gakuen School of Music by Nikken Sekkei, Japan

(Image credit: Nikken Sekkei, Japan)

Home farm by Spark

Housing category winner, future projects: Home Farm by Spark

(Image credit: Spark)

Hotel and leisure category winner

Hotel and Leisure category winner, completed projects: Lanserhof Lake Tegern by Ingenhoven Architects

(Image credit: Ingenhoven Architects)

Hill House

House category winner, future projects: Issa Grotto Hill House by Davor Matekovic PROARH, Croatia

(Image credit: Davor Matekovic PROARH, Croatia)

Saigon House

House category winner, completed projects: Saigon House by a21 Studio, Vietnam

(Image credit: a21 Studio, Vietnam)

The Interlace

Housing category winner, completed projects: The Interlace by OMA and Buro Ole Scheeren, Singapore

(Image credit: OMA and Buro Ole Scheeren)

Cukurova Regional Airport Complex

Infrastructure category winner, future projects: Cukurova Regional Airport Complex by EAA Emre Arolat Architects, Turkey

(Image credit: EAA Emre Arolat Architects)

London Olympic Stadium Transformation

Leisure-led Development category winner, future projects: London Olympic Stadium Transformation by Populous, UK

(Image credit: Populous)

Historic Centre of Kaliningrad

Masterplanning category winner, future projects: Development Concept for the Historic Centre of Kaliningrad by Studio 44 Architects, Russia

(Image credit: Studio 44 Architects)

Casba by Billard Leece

Mixed use category winner, completed projects: Casba by Billard Leece SJB Architects, Australia

(Image credit: Billard Leece SJB Architects)

vareity design of lift

New & Old category winner, completed projects: Courtyard House Plugin By Peoples Architecture Office

(Image credit: Peoples Architecture Office)

Higo By Nakayama Architects

Office category winner, completed projects: Higo By Nakayama Architects, Japan

(Image credit: Nakayama Architects)

Reservoir By Sanjay Puri Architects

Office category winner, future projects: Reservoir By Sanjay Puri Architects, India

(Image credit: Sanjay Puri Architects)

Qatar Facility Of Islamic Studies

Religion category winner, completed projects: Qatar Facility Of Islamic Studies

(Image credit: Press)

Vancouver House By BIG

Residential category winner, future projects: Vancouver House By BIG, Canada

(Image credit: BIG)

Ballet School In St Petersburg

Schools category winner, completed projects: Ballet School In St Petersburg By Studio 44 Architects, Russia

(Image credit: Studio 44 Architects)

Sino Ocean Taikoo Li in Chengdu

Shopping category winner, completed projects: Sino Ocean Taikoo Li in Chengdu by The Oval Partnership, China

(Image credit: The Oval Partnership)

San Mames Stadium

Sport category winner, completed projects: San Mames Stadium

(Image credit: Press)

Fulton Center

Transport category winner, completed projects: Fulton Center, NY By Grimshaw

(Image credit: Grimshaw)


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