We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

Selected gallery

Rooms / Dining


Gin Lane bar

Yabu Pushelberg / Avenue Road

There is a certain level of sophistication that is expected with creating a gin bar, and Yabu Pushelberg definitely exceed this with their smart brass and marble model. Taking its cues from the structure of a classic drinks trolley, they refine this with clean lines and two simple small wheels for a contemporary finish. The Gin Lane bar is given a luxury touch through its smoked glass top that includes a geometric slab of Carrera marble, just for some added elegance.

Travel teapot set

Motor Design

Motor Design's travel teapot set and bag seamlessly combines Eastern zen aesthetics with Western minimalist style. Crafted from porcelain, the grey tubular teapot is a stylish vessel for hot beverages on the go, while the two cups which can be securely fastened to either end. The set's mobility is enhanced by the inclusion of a simple blue linen drawstring bag.

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Three-layer container

Hatashikk / Metrocs

Simple, functional and stylishly pared-back, Metrocs' homeware and lifestyle accessories boast a timeless and humble appeal. Designed by Hatashikki and crafted from kalopanax, a rich and beautiful grain of wood sourced from Japan, this cylindrical container features three layers of compartments and a monochromatic colourway.

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Eugeni Quitllet / Kartell
Price on request

Ibiza-born, Barcelona-based designer Eugeni Quitllet’s career is characterised by lightness. His latest collaboration with Kartell explores this with a chair whose contemporary silhouette bridges the gap between solid and ethereal. A suspended curved seat is perched on a simple geometric frame and comes in a range of colours, from transparent and neutral shades to deep, bold hues, such as the red, pictured here. ‘Thanks to Kartell’s continual research and technological innovation in the fields of materials and processes, we were able to beautifully float dreams on the air,’ says Quitllet.


Colour plate

Scholten & Baijings / Karimoku New Standard

This set of three wooden plates bears all the hallmarks of Dutch design duo, Scholten & Baijings: the vibrant colours, graphic patterns and complementary combinations. Designed for Karimoku New Standard, the 'Colour' platter features three wooden plates, each printed with a contemporary linear design. Combining the hues of yellow, olive and grey, the Japanese chestnut pieces are stackable and versatile enough to be used as plates or trays.

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Small square tray

Michaël Verheyden

Crisp edges give way to soft curves in Michaël Verheyden's square tray. Deep enough to hold a collection of items, the green marble tray is ideal for storing — and displaying — small objects and trinkets in style.

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Michael Anastassiades / Herman Miller
price on request

Michael Anastassiades’ inaugural collection of occasional furnishings for Herman Miller follows the Cypriot designer’s exploration of an object’s physical presence, and how its existence affects its surroundings. It would be an understatement to call these stools minimal: their reduced forms, carved from walnut and white oak, are combined with a brass element and feature a shape that is elegant and discreet yet stripped to the bare essentials. ‘When an object is made out of only a handful of elements, you have to make each one absolutely perfect,’ says the designer. The stools come in a range of sizes.


Roberto Lazzeroni / Giorgetti
€ 7,490

Roberto Lazzeroni’s ‘Memos’ series for Giorgetti celebrates the sensual nature of wood, combining it with glass and marble in either round or rectangular versions. The table pictured here features a solid ash base and comes with a Lazy Susan insert in bronze-tinted glass.

Bamboo box, champagne set

Cedes Milano

This beautifully crafted rich brown leather and Alcantara lined wooden case is the perfect match for Cedes Milano’s champagne set of bottle opener and stopper (sold separately). Coming with a bamboo root handle, it completes the perfect gift box for fine drink lovers.

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Rodolfo Dordoni / MDF Italia

Instilling flexibility into the workhorse cupboard, Rodolfo Dordoni’s ‘Heron’ series, for Milan-based MDF Italia, features a light construction that can be customised with a combination of perforated and solid panels, glass elements, shelves, and doors, in varying colours and permutations. The main structure comes in either matt white or matt grey, while the back panels come in a range of six colours, including dark red, okra yellow and petrol blue, alongside white and grey. ‘A rational architecture on a domestic scale,’ says the designer about his latest effort. ‘An atypical storage unit project, at least for me. A new experience.’

'Gio Ponti' Luxury nickel black centrepiece


This contemporary centrepiece is made up of two bowls that can be combined to create a complete sphere. When separated, each nickel black-coated stainless steel component can be upturned and balanced on its foot, and used to hold fruit or flowers. When joined together, they form an eye-catching sculpture that will elevate any living space.

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Banano 1


The 'Banano Leaf' collection is a series of ceramic plates shaped like banana leaves, each one accurately detailing the fine intricacies of a leaf on its surface. Produced by the Venetian ceramic brand Bosa, the organic and refined plates can be both ornamental, or used as a platter for an elequent dinner party.

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Bruno Jahara / Riva

A collaborative project between Brazilian brand Jahara and chef Ivan Ralston, 'Tuju' is a collection of gold-finished stainless steel tools made to harvest and serve food. Manufactured by Brazilian tableware brand Riva, each hand polished piece is organically shaped: the ergonomic form of each piece in this three-piece knife set make them both easy to use and beautiful to display.

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Tito Toso / Pedrali
From €325

Lightweight and contemporary, these newly designed tables by Tito Toso for Italian manufacturer Pedrali can neatly fit into any room environment. Available in an assortment of colours and materials, including marble and steel, in black, white and turquoise, the geometric pieces arrive in different heights with four trapezoidal steel rods holding up each of the square and round tops.


Julie Richoz / Louis Poulsen

Made for those with a large banqueting hall and epic high ceilings, this colossal pendant is the work of Swiss-French designer Julie Richoz, for Danish lighting wizards Louis Poulson. The architectural style structure is formed of six layered aluminium shades to reach its 800mm height. Realised in a purist white hue to keep the boldly large silhouette refined, its subtle curves allow the light to be altered creating shadows through the shade.

'India SV 1' vase

Utopia & Utility

Combining a striking trifecta of hand-blown Bohemian glass with high-quality brass and Finnish natural edge wood, Utopia & Utility's 'India SV 1' vase can be dissembled into separate, functional components, each with an equally compelling impact. Each organically formed part can be used independently as a singular vessel. When stacked, they present a sculptural container that is suited to holding floral arrangements or small household accessories.

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'Tequila' sunrise jug

Mist-O / Ichendorf Milano

The work of Japanese-Italian studio MIST-O, the 2003 ‘Tequila Sunrise’ carafe collection comprises glass jugs and bottles in various sizes. Each piece is a juxtaposition of glass elements in different colours (including deep amber, smoky grey and bottle green), which makes it look as if it has liquid in it already. Each borosilicate glass piece is hand-blown in Italy for their alchemist-style finish.

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Urkiola candleholder

Patricia Urquiola / Georg Jensen

Created by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, this sculptural candleholder is modern, yet functional, making for the perfect tabletop accessory. Manufactured by Danish lifestyle brand Georg Jensen, the refined pieces are available in copper or silver, and are imbued with the Copenhagen-based brand's elegance that is found in their hollowware, watches, jewellery and home products.

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Valentin Loellmann
Price on request

Studio Valentin Loellmann launched last year creating artful contemporary furniture pieces. For PAD Paris, the German artist designer formed a metal and wood collection that is delicately balanced. Inspired by the idea of haute couture and fitted clothing, the handcrafted range combines skinny animalistic legs and a sleek polished dark wood top. Welded together, the rough finishes are aesthetically beautiful with a classical edge.


Gio Ponti / L'Abbate

The 'Livia' chair was originally designed by Gio Ponti for the offices of Padua University's Livianum faculty and was reissued by Italian brand L'Abbate in 2005. Minimal, elegant and carved from lacquered beechwood, this classic red chair is timeless in its design.

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Patrick Jouin / Puiforcat

Taken from Patrick Jouin's 'Zermatt' stainless steel flatware collection for Parisian silversmith Puiforcat, this water jug features all the markers of the series: sharp edges, elongated lines and surfaces polished to a mirror finish. Launched in 2010, the collection was Jouin's first and is exhibited at the Centre Pompidou Museum in Paris and New York’s Museum of Arts and Design.

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Vinegar flask

Aldo Bakker / Thomas Eyck

Part of Dutch designer Aldo Bakker's series of table accessories for Thomas Eyck, this smooth, ornamental vinegar flask adds a little refinement to serving condiments at the table. The cylindrical, porcelain body gives a handmade impression, and features a small, protruding dish with which to hold the vinegar before it is poured. The delicate collection also includes an oil can, salt cellar, oil platter and water carafe.

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La Pipe

Friends and Founders
Starting from €540

Designed by Ida Linea Hildebrand, one half of Copenhagen-based duo Friends & Founders, the 'La Pipe' dining chair is a refined and contemporary seat. The smooth, curving lines of the chair's back echoes the high-quality, soft leather, whilst the slender, gold-tone metal legs effortlessly balance the seat. The 'La Pipe' collection is inspired by shapely tobacco pipes and comprises a low lounge chair and a high bar chair. Available in striking blush pink or charcoal hues, they can be playfully paired for eclectic dinner parties.


Michele De Lucchi / Produzione Privata

The minimal, round Benedetto table is a creation of famed Italian designer Michele De Lucchi for Produzione Privata. The solid oak piece is hand-treated with natural oil, in order to preserve the wood’s original character. It is created in the specialist carpentry workshop of Riva 1920 in Cantù, Italy.

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'Bouquet' Optical vase

Mist-O / Ichendorf Milano
From £17

Designed by Japanese-Italian studio Mist-o, this collection of hourglass-shaped vases is hand-blown in Italy by Ichendorf Milano’s skilled craftsmen. The pared-down design is perfect to display minimalist flower arrangements, or even better, a single statement flower such as an oversized iris. There are four different sizes and two glass options available.

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'Suiren' bowl

Time & Style

Simple, uncluttered and elegant, Japanese lifestyle design company, Time and Style, create culturally-inspired products for those who favour timeless materials, shapes and colour palettes over surplus details and ornamentation. This modest bowl has been crafted from Japanese zelkova wood, which boasts a rich and beautiful grain, and features sharp, modern lines – making it the perfect place to display fresh fruit or from which to create and serve side salads.

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Day Studio / Grand Bazaar

Day Studio's 'Kubbe' cake stand offers a chic means to present cakes and snacks. Produced by craftsmen in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar from silver-plated brass, the stand comprises a flat circular plate atop a dome-like structure inspired by the workshops, courtyards and shops that have sat in the bazaar for centuries.

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Luca Nichetto / De La Espada
From £3522

In a combination of subtle shapes and shades, Italian designer Luca Nichetto presents this simplistic dining table. Minimalist in its appearance yet composed from a bold mix of tubular marble legs and a thin hardwood tabletop, the contrasting materials allows for a contemporary and slightly abstract finish. Manufactured in Northern Portugal by De La Espada, the model also arrives in a round model and darker Negro Marquina marble for an opposing warmer aesthetic.


Sommelier glasses

Michael Anastassiades and Enrico Bernardo / Puiforcat
Set of two £485

A collaboration between Greek designer Michael Anastassiades and Enrico Bernardo, Puiforcat's 'Sommelier' collection presents a series of crystallite glasses designed to elevate the wine tasting experience. Casting a subtle pattern of geometric reflections when they are placed on flat surfaces thanks to the gold-plated brass rim at the base of each item, these two champagne glasses have been engineered to provide optimal taste and flavour enhancement.

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Organic bowl


This item is taken from The Bowls Project, three sets of 50 bowls in varying sizes designed by Spanish brand Loewe and based on an imagined collaboration with Austrian potter Lucie Rie. Led by José Luis Bazán, a leather expert from Cádiz, and Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe, the project borrows moulding techniques from pottery which are applied to each calf leather bowl before it is shaped by hand. The colours — here black and stone — are inspired by Rie’s palette.

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