Nov 2015

Entertaining special

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We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

Selected gallery

Rooms / Dining



Constantin Wortmann / Georg Jensen

Strikingly modern in its rendering in mirror polished stainless steel, the Cobra tray, like the mythical snake that inspired it, boasts sinuous, sculptural curves that should add some serpentine sophistication to any sideboard or dining table. The tray joins a large list of poetic pieces that German designer Constantin Wortmann has designed for Danish silver stalwarts Georg Jensen.

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Kaoru Watanabe / Azmaya

This copper kettle is designed by Kaoru Watanabe and beautifully made in Japan by Azmaya. It is a reinterpretation of an iconic piece of metal-wear with a beautiful matte surface demonstrates Japanese simplicity in its purest form, featuring premium copper that conducts heat efficiently, so water is quickly brought to boiling point. Azmaya are a collective hailing from the Niigata region that collaborates with designers, artisans, and small manufacturers to create contemporary versions of Japanese design classics for daily life. The handwork in their production results in subtle variations and different characteristics, making each piece unique.

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Oh rectangular

Angeletti Ruzza / daaitalia
Price on request

There are endless possibilities with this streamlined table by Southern Italian brand Daa Italia. The geometric model, aptly named 'Oh, rectangular,' is available in everything from wood fibre and lacquered black to anodic bronze, white porcelain or calcatta marble. Designed by Rome-based Angeletti Ruzza who specialise in angular forms, the intricate legs cleverly contrast the clean table top to create its strong form which is also found in 'Oh Square,' a smaller yet equally dynamic version.


Francesco Meda / Luce di Carrara

Presented during Milan Design Week in 2014, this stool by Milan-based Francesco Meda for marble masters Luce Di Carrara is as multi-functional as it is visually striking. Created out of combined marble blocks of different thicknesses and featuring a cedar wood top, the piece can be used as a stool, a side table or simply a sculptural display item.

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James Stickley
Price on request

These simple steel-work pieces by London and Berlin based James Stickley are chairs masquerading as artwork through their abstract three-legged forms. The playful and shapely collection of three chairs with three different type of backs resonate the designers self-acclaimed style of 'graphic minimal' which is realised in the lines of most of his work. The electric blue colour lends itself to the almost memphis form which also makes the range increasingly conceptual.


Kanz Architetti / Hands on design

A fully Italian project, these ‘Gugo’ pitcher jugs are made for Milan-based brand Hands On Design- the masters of age–old manufacturing techniques. Using a modern aesthetic with subtle elegant detailing, the curvaceous vessels feature a corked closure in the design by Kanz Architetti. The piece itself was produced using traditional methods by Venetian glass artisan Erre Soffieria.

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Urban philosophy chair

NN Design Band

The Urban chair by NN Design is a polycarbonate and meta construction that combines a sinuous silhouette with a geometric composition. The simple glass form is enhanced by a black line running through its edge, offering different design perspective depending on the point of view. The Kazakhi duo NN Design, formed by Anastassya Leonova and Nissa Kinzhalina, works on simple design concepts that merge aesthetic research with challenging constructions to create discreet and elegant furniture and objects.


Tapio Wirkkala / Venini
From £852

Designed by Tapio Wirkkala for Venini, the 'Bolle' series is perhaps the most famous and representative collection by the Finn for the Italian glassmakers. Made using the incalmo technique, which fuses separately blown pieces of glass into one item, this curved bottle consists of blown Murano glass components declined in a charming variety of candy hues.

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Naoto Fukasawa / Conde House
Price on request

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa is our go-to man for traditional design with a clever construction. In his latest effort, he collaborated with the craftsmen of the Asahikawa area, near Hokkaido, in Japan, to produce a line of furniture for Japanese company Conde House. Fukasawa immersed himself in the region’s craftsmanship traditions, and came back with a chair design, available in a variety of finishes and combinations, and a simple table to go with it. The wooden structure of the chair is enriched with ergonomic details and design tricks that make its familiar shape special. Available with a wooden or upholstered seat, the chair comes in two types of wood found in the Hokkaido region, two shades of oak and natural walnut. Classic yet streamlined, Fukasawa’s design makes the most of his creative experience and of the area’s savoir-faire.

Well Hung Table

Sebastian Mann / The Workshop
Price on request

Contemporary aesthetic marries traditional wood making techniques in this table by Sebastian Mann, part of a collection of asymmetrical furniture that includes coffee tables and desks. Using a palette of walnut and copper with hints of oak and zinc, the collection presents an innovative use of materials combined with contemporary shapes, giving the furniture a futuristic yet classic stance.


Inga Sempé / Alessi
From £6

In 2012, French designer Inga Sempé contributed a single 'Risotto' serving spoon to Alessi’s ever-expanding collection of household and kitchen items. Three years later, the IS01 has branched out into a full collection of cutlery, featuring its originator’s slender neck-like stem and softly rounded shapes. With its bold forms and asymmetrical details, the set includes specific cutlery dedicated to fish or desserts, various serving utensils, ladles and a full collection of 8 spoons that offer different size interpretations of the original IS01. Made of mirror-polished stainless steel, the set combines a sophisticated shape with a slightly humorous design tone resonating throughout the collection.


Gabriele and Oscar Buratti / Alias
Price on request

Ever since the birth of their 'Spaghetti' chair back in 1979, creating shapely forms has been in the DNA of Italian brand Alias. The 'Saen' dining table, by designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, also follows this brand aesthetic. Available in both square and round top iterations, the free flowing table stands along on a solid circular concrete leg, leading up to the contrasting thin and refined natural oak surface.

'Plinto' table

Andrea Parisio / Meridiani
Price on request

Andrea Parisio’s table for Italian furniture maker Meridiani is a sophisticated celebration of sculptural lines and colour compositions. Its asymmetrical structure gives it a dynamic look and contributes to a design that mixes a modern language with traditional materials and construction. The sculptural bronzed brass frame is combined with the lacquered terracotta top, with a horizontal support in the same material offering a stronger base to the large top. 'Plinto' is part of a larger collection that subtly redefines the classic table shape and features a variety of woods and marbles combined with metal and colour.

'Maritime Boomerang' bench

Very Good and Proper
From £4450

Commissioned by the National Maritime Museum in London’s Greenwich, the team at Very Good and Proper didn’t just look at classic nautical references. Their Boomerang Bench takes cues from surf, with a shape referencing the flat boards and materials inspired by the kneels of small boats. Available in Oak or Walnut, the bench is elegant yet solid, and a brilliant direction for museum furniture.

'Cucina Futurista' chair

On request

Viennese design duo Maciej Chmara and Ania Rosinke have once again drawn upon their interest with design for food when mastering their latest piece. The 'Cucina Futurista' chair has been created in conjunction with the upcoming culinary design exhibition at the Museum of Applied arts during Vienna Design week this autumn. Inspired by the modernist Thonet chairs that the couple used to collect as students, they have taken to steel as their material of choice for this shapely piece. Made from a singular moulded piece to create four legs in triangular angles, the simplistic yet playful structure is attached to two contrasting wooden circles for the backrest and seat. Currently produced in black and red, there are plans for more colourful options in the pipeline.

'DAO' chair

Shin Azumi / CoEdition
Price on request

Since its launch in 2014, French editeur CoEdition has presented an extremely well-curated series of furniture pieces. Working with the likes of Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni and Michael Anastassiades on modern pieces, the company has established a style of essential lines and beautifully made furniture. Fresh from this year’s Salone del Mobile, Shin Azumi’s DAO chair is a simple seat perched atop a minimal lacquered metal frame. The shape finds its roots in traditional Scandinavian design, here merged with the designer’s Japanese sensibility. It’s available in two versions: with a lacquered seat as a total black version, or with natural oak contrasting with the simple frame.


TAF Architects / Muuto
On request

Swedish architectural practice TAF has once again contributed to Muuto’s portfolio of quintessentially modern Scandinavian furniture and home accessories with the Ambit light collection. The Stockholm based studio’s pendant light, available in black, white, mint green and pastel pink versions, is a functional lighting piece with a strong character, both discreet and timeless. The lampshade is manufactured following old brazier traditions: the piece is press spun, polished and finally painted by hand in the distinctive hues. A well-proportioned addition to any domestic environment, Ambit’s forms are as attractive as they are practical.


Nigel Coates / Nude
From £22.50

British architect Nigel Coates has designed these curvaceous glasses to enhance the taste of wine. Created for Turkish glassware brand Nude, the collection titled ‘Headsup’ – a nod to the slightly anthropomorphic forms of the pieces – includes wine glasses, champagne flutes and tumblers. The chalice-style pieces are carefully carved, with a graduated structure that is larger on top to ‘open up and oxygenate’ the liquid – a design that affords the wine a fuller flavour. 'Headsup' was designed during a six day workshop organised by ‘Glass is Tomorrow’, an association that draws together global experts in the centuries old art of glass making.

‘Futura’ pendant

Hangar Design Group and Vistosi

Vistosi, a Venetian company with a 500-year history, has blossomed from a humble glass furnace to a design-led lighting company that has worked with the likes of Michele De Lucchi, Angelo Mangiarotti and Ettore Sottsass. The firm relentlessly researches and experiments with new methods, materials and techniques, and its latest collaboration with Hangar Design Group marries its glass-blowing expertise with innovation to produce these pendants, in three different colours, each paired with a brushed metal band. The glass is blown in one piece, but the technique used produces lamps that are half transparent, half opaque.

'George’s’ chair

David Lopez Quincoces / Living Divani

Spanish-born, Milan-based designer David Lopez Quincoces’ third collaboration with Italian furniture brand Living Divani has resulted in this dynamic chair with armrests that can be adapted to various decorative needs. The ‘George’s’ chair features slanted legs, a tubular-back frame in powder-coated steel and a wooden seat. The chair can be adapted to indoor or outdoor use, and
is available both in its pure ‘naked’ black steel state or dressed in wicker, black hide or waxed rope. The rope version is the most maximalist of the four available, with a bright orange rope running along the structure and an ash wood seat.

‘Argento’ flatware

Gae Aulenti / Design Memorabilia
$50 for set of five

The late Gae Aulenti was better known for her large-scale architectural and interior design work on museums, but she was equally adept at applying her unique aesthetic sensibility to furniture and product design, combining attractive silhouettes with stark simplicity, such as in this cutlery set, designed back in 1970. The set has now been re-launched as part of a series of re-editions under the Design Memorabilia banner. The brainchild of entrepreneur and design curator George M Beylerian, this collection celebrates the best Italian design of the post-World War II era.

'Bavaresk’ table

Christophe de la Fontaine / Dante Goods and Bads

Designer Christophe de la Fontaine founded German furniture brand Dante Goods and Bads with the aim of producing objects that create an emotional connection rather than fulfil a practical need. The ‘Scenes from the Prairie’ collection combines vintage sophistication with a contemporary design language, and includes the intriguing ‘Bavaresk’ table, featuring a marble top with a trio of lacquered wooden legs, in white, yellow or red.

'Densen' dining chair


The handmade Densen chair by NY-based trio Egg collective is a simple shape of solid wood in an elegant finish. A combination of opulent feel and minimalist execution, the chair can be offered in walnut or bleached maple with a hair-on-hide seat.

'Stratifications' tray

Krzysztof Lukasik
Price on request

Krzysztof Lukasik's experiments with the compositional possibilities of stone come to a climax with his 'Stratifications' collection. The collection's essential shapes are achieved by slicing marble and gluing it together like plywood. The tray, made of Mareuil Limestone, is a monumental shape that combines lightness with a rigorous construction.

'Aureola' tea set

Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva / Mjölk

Italian designer Luca Nichetto and Russian designer Lera Moiseeva have spent a long time observing tea rituals from all over the world. Their research has finally come to fruition with the 'Aureola' tea set, created for Toronto-based design gallery and lifestyle store Mjölk. Made of ceramic and wood, the stackable tea set comprises a pot, filter and a pair cups bearing circular graphic details that represent the spreading of the heat in the vessels.

'Shanty' sideboard

Doshi Levien / BD Barcelona
Price on request

Inspired by improvised houses across the globe, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien's 'Shanty' sideboard references the colourful corrugated surfaces used on homes from Brazil to India. Available in an array of monochromatic hues as well as a multicoloured version, the asymmetric cupboard celebrates the beauty of temporary architecture.

Oil pipe, pitcher, sugar container and pourer

Aldo Bakker / Georg Jensen Living

Aldo Bakker scrutinised the Georg Jensen archives when designing a collection of his own for the brand, and the result is a modern tribute to the master Henning Koppel. The collection combines functional design with sculptural forms – we particularly admire the stark yet elegant oil pipe (above left).

'Touchwood' chair

Lars Beller Fjetland / Discipline
Price on request

Italian manufacturer Discipline presented a varied offering, featuring playful yet beautiful designs. The standout piece was Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland’s ‘Touchwood’ stackable chair. In line with Discipline’s mission to use only natural materials, ‘Touchwood’ comes in five delicious tones that emphasise the wood grain.

'Rock' table

Jean-Marie Massaud / MDF Italia

There is something majestic about Jean-Marie Massaud’s ‘Rock’ table for MDF Italia. Its elegance stems from the contrast between the heavy base and the more delicate top, available in smoked glass and matt-lacquered MDF versions. The tabletop sits on a whopping piece of moulded ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced cement, in natural or grey finishes, with subtle colour variations resulting from the drying and maturation process.

'True Colour' vases

Lex Pott

Dutch designer Lex Pott’s fascination with materials and their natural forms is the basis of his intriguing vase collection. The eight cylinders feature copper, aluminium, brass and steel, paired with their oxidised counterparts. It’s a collection that plays on contrasts, the shiny metals standing out against the tarnished pinks, greens and blues.