We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

Selected gallery

Rooms / Dining


‘Stargazer’ candleholder

Lara Bohinc / Lapicida

Designed by Lara Bohinc for stone specialists Lapicida, the ‘Lunar’ collection is inspired by orreries – solar system models that have been used since classical times. Here, this translates to the ‘Stargazer’ — a sculptural candleholder comprising a buiscaro rosa marble body and polished brass arms that include a holder for a single candle.

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‘Arch’ trays

New Duivendrecht
From €49

The architectural form of an arch is the starting point for these concrete trays by Dutch design studio New Duivendrecht. Described as ‘table architecture’ the ornamental pieces play with balance between the thick, solid concrete and the opposing hollow space it creates sitting on the surface. Available in an array of diffrent shades, including a quieter beige and vibrant scarlet tones, the trays match together to create a subtle puzzle of pattern too.

Photography: New Duivendrecht

‘Parure II’ centrepiece

Cristina Celestino / Paola C

Designed by Cristina Celestino for Paola C, the ‘Dolce Vita’ collection is a celebration of Italy in the 1950s — an era whose charm is defined by a distinct joie de vivre, irony and optimism. In a contemporary take on this epoch, Celestino has designed a series of functional items that beautifully encapsulate this tone. Crafted from borosilicate blown glass, the ‘Parure II’ centrepiece is both striking and elegant, with sophisticated brushed brass detailing and a light blue bowl that has been coloured and silked internally.

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Stripe bowls

Grete Prytze Kittelsen / Cathrineholm
From €35

Often referred to as the queen of Scandinavian design in the mid-20th century, Norwegian designer Grete Prytz Kittelsen, who hobnobbed with the likes of the Eameses and Alvar Aalto, was known initially for her work in gold and silver. When deliberately embarking on more democratic design in the 1950s, she discovered ironworks Cathrineholm, an expert in enamelling, and a highly lauded collaboration began. When she died in 2010, Kittelsen’s children held the rights to her designs until Danish retailer Imerco bought them exclusively three years ago. It is slowly reissuing her work, under the Cathrineholm label, starting with the ‘Stripes’ bowls, with the ‘Cathedral’ and ‘Sensation’ series to follow.

'Sissi' chair

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba / Driade
Price on request

Design duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba looked at traditional Viennese bentwood chairs for their collaboration with Driade. ‘This modern design winks cheekily at the past and at the female world,’ say the designers. ‘The merging and intersecting rings look as if they have been bent by the hand of a Viennese craftsman, an elegant and design archetype.’ The chair (designed for indoor, but suitable for outdoor use as well) is available in a series of pastel colours, and can be ‘dressed’ with a variety of fabric or leather covers in different colours and patterns, ‘just like a confident woman changes her clothes to suit her mood.’

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Daiku’ collection

Victoria Magniant / Galerie V
From €250

The debut collection of French designer Victoria Magniant, a series of sculptural black furniture entitled ‘Daiku’, launched at Paris Design Week. Made of black stained ash, the starting point of the design is Japanese craft techniques, which Magniant combined with digital and CNC technology to give structure to her idea. ‘Instead of designing a chair, I tried to “write a chair”, to recreate the spontaneous feeling of a brush stroke and the fluidity of the ink,’ she says. ‘I looked for a seamless silhouette to create the illusion of an impossible construction.’

Photography: Baker Evans

‘Fuji’ table

Tarcisio Colzani / Porada
From £9,239

Through his extensive work for Porada, Italian designer Tarcisio Colzani has often explored patterns and repetition. The self-taught carpenter has produced a vast portfolio of furniture for the Como-based company, including a collection of ridged cupboards, a net-like wooden curtain and grid-style room dividers. This extensive experience has culminated in his latest design for the brand and perhaps his most refined to date.

Entitled ‘Fuji’, the dining table, which sits on a varnished bronzoro metal base, is crafted from Canaletto walnut and made up of 12 folded panels engineered around a void, to dramatic effect. The design, inspired by a flower bud opening and lengthening to form a corolla of petals, features a central hole that can be left as an empty decorative element but can also serve as a vase holder. Colzani’s inspiration, combined with Porada’s savoir faire, has resulted in a piece that combines simple minimalism and remarkable craftsmanship.

‘Margot’ water goblet

Fferrone Design
£116 for set of two

Combining intricate detailing with innovative production techniques and materials, Fferrone’s ‘Margot’ collection presents a new take on cut glass. Each 450ml water goblet offers two vessels — one in place of a traditional stem — formed from fluted borosilicate glass created without the use of moulds. The result is a glassware duo that is equally suited to both everyday and formal settings.

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‘Polifemo’ cabinet

Elena Salmistraro / De Castelli
Price on request

Elena Salmistraro wanted to create a cabinet that upended traditional typologies, so she turned to Greek mythology for inspiration. The aesthetic for her ‘Polifemo’ cabinet for De Castelli – which formed part of the Italian metal specialist’s ‘Tracing Identity’ project at this year’s Salone del Mobile – is informed by the cyclopes, the primordial race of giants with one eye in the middle of their forehead. The giants’ singular characteristic metamorphoses into the handle and central feature of the cabinet, while thin metal legs support the copper-clad wooden structure, adorned with a decorative engraved pattern.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Rust’ box

Prin London

Taken from Prin London’s debut homeware collection ‘Rust’, this circular trinket was created by mixing metal particles taken from key cutting and other metalworking workshops across London, with gypsum and acrylic. The result is a handmade piece that features its own unique series of characteristics due to the metal dust oxidation, which imparts a unique texture varying in colour and intensity and is enhanced as the materials change slowly over time in a reflection of their relationship with their owners.

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'Dome' lamps

Analogia Project / Slamp

Designer Andrea Mancuso and architect Emilia Serra have worked together, under the Analogia Project tag, since meeting at the Royal College of Art in 2010. Recent projects have included an installation for WallpaperSTORE* during Milan Design Week and this collaboration with lighting company Slamp. Taking inspiration from Roman architecture and mosaics of Medusa, the ‘Dome’ lamp features an LED source that reflects light through a discreet play of colours and transparency. Slamp’s manufacturing of the piece, available in two sizes and in a range of hues, combines cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.

‘Theodor' dining chair

OEO Design / Brdr. Krüger

Brdr Krüger’s dedication to craftsmanship and their passion for wood hasn’t changed since they inaugurated in 1886. The new ‘Theodor’ dining chair by OEO Studio utilises its classic woodturning techniques and merges this with a little present-day zest. Upholstered in Kvadrat fabric and crafted from oiled oak, the result is a bold and distinctive midcentury design that marks the second piece by the Scandinavian studio for Brdr Krüger.

‘SalePepe’ salt and pepper mill set

Georges Mohasseb / House of Today

Georges Mohasseb’s ‘SalePepe’ salt and pepper set offers a dash of flavour to both dishes and table settings. Commissioned for The Shop — an offering of home and office products selected by House of Today, WallpaperSTORE* and guest curator Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte — the set forms parts of a collection that showcases the best of Lebanese design and is exclusive to WallpaperSTORE*. Marked by an insert of ebony and mother of pearl, the oak and brass ‘SalePepe’ is inspired by the mechanisms of a tap, with its upper components installed to control the ‘flow’ of either salt or pepper.

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Royal Tichelaar Makkum / Hella Jongerius

The first porcelain produced by Royal Tichelaar Makkum, Hella Jongerius’ B-Set is realised by firing each piece at a too high temperature. The result is a collection of slightly imperfect and thoroughly unique pieces of tableware, including this green carafe. With a highly-polished surface and smooth, clean lines, it's sure to liven any formal or informal table setting.

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'Geode' container


Soft, smooth and subtle, N°30’s yellow ‘Geode’ is unique and versatile. It is a member of a family of geometric containers. Crafted from zinc and polished to create its luxurious texture, this container is ideally used to store bits and bobs.

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'Tigela' bowls

Anna by RabLabs

Historically prized for their magical and aesthetic properties, bowls carved from semi-precious stone have been treasured for centuries. These 'Tigela' bowls by Anna by RabLabs take on an added layer of exclusivity being handcrafted by artisans with extensive knowledge in the art of stone carving.

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'Superbowl' bowl


Taking its name from the geometric shape superellipse, the ‘Superbowl’ can be used to hold a multitude of little objects. Part of Taiwanese brand N°30’s collection, the bamboo base contrasts with it zinc body that has been plated and hand-polished twice to create a mirror-like effect.

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'XO Light'

Studio Edwards / Rakumba

It can’t be a surprise to anyone that in the W* House, well-designed, good lighting is de rigueur. Nothing spoils the mood more than an inelegant shade that throws off equally unappealing light. Which explains why we’re making ceiling space for ‘XO Light’. Designed by the Melbourne-based Studio Edwards in collaboration with the Australian industrial manufacturer Rakumba, the silhouette of the pendant lamp is drawn directly from the world of sailboat racing and yacht design.

Three slender strips of satin-brushed brass form a stylised exo-skeleton – which, in turn, gives the lamp its moniker. When put under tension, these battens, says lead designer Ben Edwards, give shape to the ‘sail’ of the lamp covering, itself made of stitched opalescent PVC. When turned on, the tridonic LED gives off a soft glow that, with the lamp’s streamlined curves, creates the impression of a boat in full sail at dawn.

‘There’s an emphasis on technical skills here,’ Edwards says, referencing the scientific approach that is becoming the hallmark of his fledgling studio, which is currently working on a gallery/hotel in Melbourne’s St Kilda, as well as a pop-up store for a New Zealand cosmetic brand.


'Bombetta' dispensers

Kanz Architetti / Hands On Design

Made from fine Arita porcelain, the 'Bombetta' tableware set by Kanz Architetti for Hands On Design includes soy sauce, oil, salt and pepper dispensers. The pieces are manufactured by Japanese porcelain expert Risogama, who used digital technologies to bring the traditional material into the 21st century. The simple aesthetic used by the Venetian designers allow the pieces to be visually stimilating separately, or as a playfully synchronised set.

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'Signal' lighting collection

From £1,250

Brooklyn based studio Workstead explores elegant minimalism in their recent lighting launch. A rich use of brass, bronze and hand sanded acrylic make up the simple silhouettes, providing a poetic, ambient glow. Available as sconce, flush mount, or pendant form, the fixture is paired with a pull chain and matching rod for a practical yet muted addition. Described by Workstead as 'hieroglyphic' models, the ornamental aesthetic allows them engage with the surrounding in which they inhabit.

'Colour Porcelain' platter

Scholten & Baijings / 1616 Arita

Teaming up with 1616 Arita, Scholten & Baijings' 'Colour Porcelain' tableware collection is based on the their research of the Japanese brand's archives. Utilising colours that have been traditionally used by Arita, the Dutch duo have experimented with varying degrees of intensity. In this instance the product holds a soft pastel palette, incorporating a graphic surface for a refined finish.

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'Paris' bottle

Eric Hibelot / Th Manufacture

Inspired by the milk bottles from designer Eric Hibelot's childhood, TH Manufacture's 'Paris' bottle is almost human-like with its rounded, generous form. Crafted from ceramic, the bottle presents a playful surface design of irregular blue stripes and red colour blocking that perfectly captures the imaginative mind of a young Hibelot.

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'Thassos White' plate

Anouska Hempel / Lapicida
From £300

Lapicida has pushed the boundaries of stoneware with its latest tableware collection by Anouska Hempel. Simple, clean and refined, the range of plates and bowls has an unusual, paper-thin quality thanks to unique white marble from Thassos. The northern Greek island has been an untouched region for marble, but the stone specialist meticulously harnessed its untapped potential to craft the brand's most delicate pieces to date. Also available in 'Infinity Black' marble, the experimental collection additionally explores a robust side to the material in table-sized obelisks.

'Shade' Lamp

Masquespacio / Raco
€ 585,15

In a fully Spanish endeavour, the 'Shade' lamp unusually blends raffia, leather, marble and brass. Designed by Masquespacio for lighting brand Raco, all of the segments are artisan crafted in its geometric, postmodern form. The range of warm textures provide an abstract yet luxurious addition to the home

'Uruoshi' bottle

Hirota Glass

Taken from Hirota's 'Uruoshi Series', this glass bottle quietly presents a number of uses. The lacquer stopper is believed to possess unique qualities — including anti-fungal and insect repelling properties — none of which interfere with the condition of the water flask's contents. Meanwhile, a crisp silhouette of undulating waves is inspired by the Japanese word 'uruoshi', meaning 'to enrich', and is intended to enhance any liquid decanted from the 720ml bottle — be it mineral water, wine or liqueur.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

'Bolla' vase


Distinct for its sharp lines, smooth curves and elongated neck, courtesy of a freehand glass-blowing technique, NasonMoretti's 'Bolla' vase is an elegant addition to any home or office setting. Available in a selection of bold hues, the ornamental vase is equally as striking when displayed solo or as part of a collective.

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Karimoku New Standard

A lesson in balance and gravity, Karimoku New Standard's 'Chuckle' is both playful and practical. With a gentle tip of its rim this organically shaped bowl slightly rolls, allowing easy access to its contents, such as coins, paper clips and keys. Crafted from Japanese itaya maple and sculpted into varying thicknesses at its rim, the bowl has the unique characteristic of appearing differently from any angle.

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Gin Lane bar

Yabu Pushelberg / Avenue Road

There is a certain level of sophistication that is expected with creating a gin bar, and Yabu Pushelberg definitely exceed this with their smart brass and marble model. Taking its cues from the structure of a classic drinks trolley, they refine this with clean lines and two simple small wheels for a contemporary finish. The Gin Lane bar is given a luxury touch through its smoked glass top that includes a geometric slab of Carrera marble, just for some added elegance.

Travel teapot set

Motor Design

Motor Design's travel teapot set and bag seamlessly combines Eastern zen aesthetics with Western minimalist style. Crafted from porcelain, the grey tubular teapot is a stylish vessel for hot beverages on the go, while the two cups which can be securely fastened to either end. The set's mobility is enhanced by the inclusion of a simple blue linen drawstring bag.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

Three-layer container

Hatashikk / Metrocs

Simple, functional and stylishly pared-back, Metrocs' homeware and lifestyle accessories boast a timeless and humble appeal. Designed by Hatashikki and crafted from kalopanax, a rich and beautiful grain of wood sourced from Japan, this cylindrical container features three layers of compartments and a monochromatic colourway.

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