We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

Selected gallery

Rooms / Bedroom


‘O Mirror’


Exposed polished edges, circular form and a spherical brass base elevate Minimalux’s ‘O Mirror’ from functional tool to stylish home accessory. At first glance, the mirror appears to be a feat of balance, but observe the base which remains firm and rooted to flat surfaces whilst also able to rotate on its axis.

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‘Assembly’ chair

Diesel Living / Moroso

Conceived by the in-house design team at Diesel, the ‘Assembly’ chair combines luxurious details, such as plush velvet in a variety of rich shades, with industrial touches (namely the prominent steel bolt keeping the design together). Aptly called ‘Assembly’, the chair is formed of two modules joined at the side, and although its structure was inspired by industrial tools and water pipes, its execution and materials add a sleek sophistication to the more utilitarian elements of the design. The ‘Assembly’ is available as a single chair or as a love seat, with a further version, featuring a hollow seat, doubling as a dining chair.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Teorema’ drawers

Ron Gilad / Molteni & C

In 2012, Ron Gilad created the ‘Gradoº’ collection for Molteni&C, featuring modules that explored the relationship between shapes and void. This year, designer and manufacturer worked together again to develop the flip side of that collection: entitled ‘Teorema’, the new pieces focus on solid forms, using a template that evolves to create what the designer calls ‘micro architectures’. A combination of mechanical precision and artisanal skill, ‘Teorema’ consists of a series of modular drawers, made of American walnut, that can be used alone as a free-standing unit or assembled into a rotating structure.

Photography: Paola Dossi


‘Satellite’ hand mirror

Christoffer Skjøtt / Møbel & Rum

Pick it up, twirl it about and discover new things: Møbel & Rum’s playful ‘Satellite’ hand mirror presents a whole new way to observe yourself and your surroundings. Designed by Christoffer Skjøtt, the circular mirror sits atop a uniquely shaped handle carved from four evenly-sized pieces of oak, each one revealing its own qualities and patterns that will form a beautiful patina over time.

‘Blink’ vanity table

Yabu Pushelberg / Stellar Works

Yabu Pushelberg’s new collection for Stellar Works, entitled ‘Blink’, includes this compact vanity table. The modernist construction is a discreet manifestation of the design duo’s clever way with shapes. Its asymmetrical form comprises tubular steel legs that curve upwards to cradle a moon-like mirror. For the designers, the collection’s main trait is an ‘inherent sweetness and happiness’. They say: ‘The pieces are based on forms that are light, sculptural and playful; there is a naïve quality to the collection that is balanced with clarity of form and simple materials.’

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Hotel Royal’ bed

Terri Pecora / Zanotta
Price on request

American designer Terri Pecora describes her work as ‘aesthetic functionality’, and her latest project for Zanotta adheres to that credo. Her streamlined ‘Hotel Royal’ bed features a simple upholstered frame with a functional built-in side table that adds an unusual asymmetric silhouette.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Naia’ table mirror


At first glance, JCP’s ‘Naia’ table mirror could be a globe. Balanced on a matte brass cylindrical base and held in place by a semi-circular frame, the circular polished steel mirror spins on an axis in an ironic duality of vanity conceived by CTRLZAK. The reverse of each handmade mirror has a veined marble surface that is unique to each piece.

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‘Aida’ table lamp

Angelo Mangiarotti / Karakter Copenhagen

Italian architect Angelo Mangiarotti was better known for his buildings and sculptures, but he also designed some sublime lighting pieces. Danish brand Karakter is reissuing his ‘Aida’ lamp, designed in 1988 for Veart. It’s a perfectly balanced piece consisting of a slanted black base and a frosted glass shade connected by a slim stem. The light bulb, meanwhile, is hidden in the base, illuminating the shade from below to cast a soft glow.

Photography: Rebecca Scheinberg. As originally featured in the July 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*220)

'Olivia' mirror

Davide Monopoli / Pulpo

Presenting an exciting combination of colour and texture, Pulpo's 'Olivia' mirror is a game of contrasts. Designed by Davide Monopoli, the piece comprises an azure-tinted laminated glass mirror atop a heavy black stone base and sits at an angle, promising a reflection from any position.

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‘Reflection of a gesture’ mirror

Beza Projekt
From €320

Avant-garde design studio Beza Projekt has created a new series of artistic mirrors that question the assumption that a mirror should be unhindered, clear and perfectly reflective. The mirrored area is drawn directly onto a transparent glass surface in bold, reflective swirls while the sculptural, asymmetric wooden frames, furthers the idea of a mirror as art installation. The innovative piece shows the Warsaw-based firm encouraging functionality to take a rare back seat.

'Alexandra' mirror and drawers

Sebastian Mann / Mannmade London

'Alexandra' is a multifaceted piece of furniture that tends to all bedroom needs. Combining storage space, mirror and a dressing table, the modular structure is a contemporary, space saving solution. Created as part of Sebastian Mann's first foray into furniture, the model nods to his architectural background and is formed in a modern mix of walnut and steel.

'Highlight' collection

Studio Peascod
From £1,650

Emma Peascod has been a leading exponent of verre églomisé – the decorative technique of applying gold leaf, paper and pigments to the back of glass and mirrors – since founding her London-based studio in 2011. Her work can be seen in numerous private interiors and, more easily, over the reception desk of Skye Gyngell’s much-lauded london restaurant, Spring, but her new range of lighting and furniture is the first she has released under her own name. The Highlight collection includes two lamps, two mirrors and a side table in striking deco-inspired shapes. Each piece is handmade, with a lead time of around eight to ten weeks, and can be ordered in one of four different églomisé effects and three metal finishes. We think it’s a dazzling reflection of her talent.

Photography: Pelle Crepin. As originally featured in the November 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*212)

'Babel' lamp

Ángel Jové / Santa & Cole

To honour its 30th anniversary this year, Spanish lighting company Santa & Cole has reissued its sculptural ‘Babel’ lamp. Originally designed by graphic designer and illustrator Ángel Jové in 1971, the lamp is made from smooth alabaster from the Spanish village of Sarral, its robust form evoking the geometric linearity of the art deco period while exuding an architectural, totemic elegance – a combination ahead of its time, and no less relevant today. As each lamp is meticulously crafted by hand, no two are alike, and they are just as impactful on a tabletop as on the floor.

As originally featured in the November 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*212)


'Paul Smith Edition 3' desk lamp

Paul Smith / Anglepoise

This is the third time the two eloquent British brands Anglepoise and Paul Smith have joined forces to interpret the former's classic Type 75, this time in bright primary colours, inspired by the De Stijl movement pioneered by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. Combining the unmistakable modernist form of an Anglepoise with the unique handprint of the fashion designer, they celebrate impeccable yet abstract style and function.

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Playing with texture, colour and shape, Illulian Design Studio's handmade rugs are both timeless and in keeping with fashion trends. The luxury rugs are inexhaustible sources of wonder, often catching the eye with striking patterns or shocking colours: case in point, this wool and silk 'Rehab' rug, which uses a repetitive black and white linear pattern to present a mesmerising optical illusion that creates depth and intrigue.

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Vincenzo De Cotiis / Progetto Domestico
Price on request

Vincenzo De Cotiis’ latest collection, Pop Nouveau, combines traditional materials with new, unexpected forms, such as in this organically shaped, polished brass side table.

'Mix Appeal'

Studio Pepe / Ivano Redaelli
Price on request

This graphic, asymmetric wardrobe, by set design whizkids Studiopepe, is a testament to the creative language of the Milanese duo and their flair for shape and colour. Photography: Paola Pansini


Cristina Celestino / Attico

From Cristina Celestino's 'Olfattorio' collection for Attico, these vases present an innovative way in which to both present flowers and amplify their scent. The borosilicate glass ampoule — a cylindrical sandblasted base topped by a removable bubble — places the stem right at the centre, offering preservation and maximising the olfactory experience.

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Piero Lissoni / Lema
Price on request

Piero Lissoni’s latest contribution to the refined ‘Lema’ collection comes in the shape of a bed with an oversized headboard that doubles as a screen or alcove. Shown here in a sensual blue velvet, it is also available in fabric and leather upholstery versions.

Studioilse w084t2

Ilse Crawford / Wästberg

Born of a collaboration between eminent Swedish design-house, Wästberg, and coveted British designer, Ilse Crawford, this unique table lamp with NL plug utilises – alongside years of impressive design innovation – the power of materials to evoke sensory and emotional responses in the viewer. Sand-casted iron, treated with a burnt vegetable oil, is used to portray a sense of stability, reliability and trust. Beech wood gives an impression of warmth and life, while mineral plastic has been specially chosen for its intimate glow and tactility. In collaboration, these materials and the designers behind their marriage, bring to the surface a unique concept of beauty within the visceral realm of interior accessories.

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Marconato & Zappa / Busnelli

Designed by Marconato & Zappa, an interior design and architect practice based in Como, in northern Italy, the ‘Stardust’ desk forms part of a bedroom set that also includes a bed, a side table and a series of poufs. Supported by a metal structure, which is available in either a gold or antique finish, the desk features a slim wooden top and two drawers and is lined with a luxurious leather, available in a variety of shades. The same leather finish is used to line the drawers and the recessed tray on the desktop, making the ‘Stardust’ a sophisticated yet functional marvel.

'Precious' cabinet

CTRLZAK / Spazio Pontaccio

A cabinet for safekeeping your most precious possessions, this piece by Italian-Greek duo CTRLZAK is a hybrid between a glass display box and a traditional safe. Created for Spazio Pontaccio, the elegantly designed storage unit features brass details and a fully transparent crystal main body.

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'Orlando' armchair

Reiko Kaneko / SCP

Having previously focussed on fine bone china pendant lamps, this 'Orlando' armchair marks designer Reiko Kaneko's first foray into furniture. The lounge chair boasts a solid steel frame, with a tubular steel back allowing for a gentle, comforting flex. The slim arm rests are made from walnut or oak, whilst various upholstery and powder-coat finishes are available - we're particularly fond of the 'Maharam Cobblestone' pictured. Orlando's small footprint, low base and custom finishes make it an ideal fit for any room.



Minimalux's lifestyle accessories contrast a pared-back aesthetic with laboriously pored-over design details. This chrome-plated, energy-saving bulb table lamp, is made from blown opal glass with a precision-cut solid brass stem – making it the perfect accompaniment to bedside and coffee tables alike.

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Bertjan Pot / Golran

From Bertjan Pot's 'Triangles' collection for Golran, the design of this hand-knotted wool and silk pouf was initiated with an investigation into the weaving technique of the kilim from which its pattern would be spun. Like all pieces from the line, the pouf's pattern is based on the geometric form of the triangle, which here has been positioned to create a kaleidoscopic series of diamonds and hexagons, emphasised by a clever arrangement of both contrasting and harmonising hues of pink and red.

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Arches of Kullaro

Lisa Hillard / Kullaro

Family-run firm Kullaro specialises in the use of a magmatic, subvolcanic stone called diabase, known for its fine, barely visible texture. Designer Lisa Hillard uses the stone here to create the slim, playful arches of her Kullaro mirror. As well as poetically framing the mirror, the extra arches double-up as useful hanging rails. The range also includes two coffee tables and a foot stool that bare the signature looping stonework from the Lönsboda-based company.

Self Help Side Table

Joe Paine
3900 ZAR

South African designer-maker Joe Paine has presented this steel and anodised bronze bedside table. For the multifaceted piece, Johannesburg-based Paine creates a circular top that doubles as storage, while adding an abstract but space saving candle holder high in the air; a decorative touch that contrasts the three small legs of the table. The crafted piece incorporates American ash as the top, and is available in a white steel version.


Rodolfo Dordoni / Flou

Italian architect Rodolfo Dordoni has envisioned this minimalist model using strong powerful materials. Created for bed wellness specialists Flou, the milky coffee hued leather headboard neatly folds and merges with the luxurious brass ends of the liner structure. Titled 'IKO,' the tubular frame combines traditional nickel with stainless steel to produce a relaxed yet contemporary style.

Le Valet

La Fonction / Line ART

This geometric room divider-cum-dresser by La Fonction (founded by piKs design studio) offers a flexible, minimalist storage solution that can fit neatly into the room space. 'La Valet' is comprised of a mirror, suspended with matching natural wood-hued leather straps. Three subtle coat hooks exist on the back of this while opposite, five slim wooden rungs align horizontally. The foldable, solid oak piece was created in collaboration with Line ART, manufactured in France and available in a range of finishes.


Calm bed

Sebastian Herkner / Schramm
From €4300

Enclosed in its very own upholstered headboard, this crafted 'boxspring' bed offers a private sleeping experience. A fully Germany project – designed by Sebastian Herkner for Schramm – the booth-like set up has wooden hooks and built in bedside tables contained within the stitched enclosure, producing a comfort cove in natural hues.