Seiko brings conceptual watch design to London

Watch designers rethink classic Seiko watches in the Power Design Project: Rebirth, on display at London Bond Street

One of the Seiko watches from Power Design Project: Rebirth
Ceramic Ball
(Image credit: Seiko)

The possibilities inherent in watch design are explored in a new exhibition by Seiko, which considers a selection of conceptual watch ideas in the latest iteration of its Power Design Project.

Seiko watches reimagined

Seiko watches on yellow background

Time Sonar 434 Feels

(Image credit: Seiko)

A group of Seiko designers have united for the project, with each reconsidering recognisable watches produced over the years. The Power Design Project: Rebirth considers the history of watch design while also musing on the future.

Seiko watch with dial separated from blue squiggly strap

Adventurous Kids Watch

(Image credit: Seiko)

Originally begun in 2001 to explore watch design possibilities, the Power Design Project was halted in 2009, before returning after 13 years. Today, designers building on its experimental formula include Takuya Matsumoto, who is inspired by the historical zaratsu polishing technique in his project Radiant Time. For Yuta Uchiura, a diver’s watch launched in 1975 was the base for his project, Put on Time, which brings a playfulness to watch wearing with its nod to interchangeable buttons. 

white watch face on brown leather strap

Put On Time

(Image credit: Seiko)

A square chronograph launched in 1970 is given a new lease of life by Natsuhiko Takahashi, who imbues the classic design with pops of colour, while brightly coloured children’s watches are the focus for Yugo Hibayashi, who was drawn to the idea of an indestructible watch for Adventure Kids Watch. 

Seiko watch

Radiant Time

(Image credit: Seiko)

Time Sonar 434 Feels nods to the original 1976 Time Sonar watch’s inspiration of a submarine’s sonar, with Kiko Goda bringing mysticism to the concept through a calendar window with mischievous prompts. Yuya Suganuma and Yuka Aihara, meanwhile, play with fluid movements in the bracelet design of the Tisse Our Time, while a 1973 quartz watch becomes a retro classic in the hands of Naoya Sukeda.

 The Power Design Project: Rebirth will be at the New Bond Street Seiko boutique, London, until 31 July 2023.

Square Seiko watch on green background


(Image credit: Seiko)

Seiko watch with slim bracelet

Tisse Our Time

(Image credit: Seiko)

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