New York’s newest jewellery boutique is a chocolate box of treasures

The Seven, founded by Camille Zarsky, offers an eclectic collection of jewellery

Interior of The Seven jewellery store in New York
(Image credit: Reid Rolls)

The act of buying jewellery may be typically focused on making the purchase itself, but in New York City’s West Village, an intimate boutique called The Seven is seeking to bring a more soulful experience to the fore. Founded by Camille Zarsky, a former handbag designer and a keen jewellery collector, The Seven is an enticing and enchanting space filled with personalised touches. Nodding to Zarsky’s Texan roots and Italian heritage, the boutique has been covered in custom-designed, hand-painted wallpaper by Gracie, exquisite painted floors by the  artist Zahra Ali, plenty of cane detailing, and an enviable collection of art and antiques. If your dream shopping scenario was to peruse the well-curated collection of a tastemaker friend, The Seven is it.

‘As a native New Yorker, realising I had nowhere I loved to shop, I kept noticing there wasn't one single store that had a full edit of things I loved or that I could walk into without leaving with something,’ explains Zarsky of why she took matters into her own hands. ‘I live in the West Village and really felt there was a void in retail that addressed a highly curated assortment while also creating a very unique in-person shopping experience.’

The Seven, a jewellery store with a difference

Luxurious interior of The Seven boutique in New York

(Image credit: Reid Rolls)

Named in tribute to Zarsky’s mother, who was one of seven sisters, The Seven is filled with an impeccable collection of fine jewellery finds. Many of the best independent designers from around the world are represented: there are opal and turquoise ‘love bug’ pendants from Mason and Brooks; diamond-encrusted rings and earrings from Melissa Kaye; pink diamond, black onyx and yellow gold stud earrings from Sorellina; and one-of-a-kind Victorian charms by Jenna Blake.

‘There is a lot of pressure on customers to spend when they walk into a retail space, and less of an emphasis on creating an unforgettable experience for customers,’ Zarsky adds. ‘We are casual. We want you to feel like you've just stopped by your friend's house and we'd love for this to become a jewellery clubhouse where you can meet new people, get to know the designers behind each collection on a more personal level, and leave feeling inspired or like you're a part of something special.’

Jewellery on display at counter in The Seven jewellery store in New York

(Image credit: Reid Rolls)

To turn this concept into a reality, Zarsky enlisted the talents of interior designer Blake Brunson to craft the perfect environment. Brunson carved the corner retail space into a series of rooms, with wooden partitions inset with delicate rattan webbing, accenting each area with antique furniture such as lounge chairs reupholstered in vibrant shades, or refurbished painted wood cabinets filled with treasures. A private viewing room, resplendent in pink velvet, serves as a swoonsome resting place for making any final decisions. 

display cabinets at The Seven jewellery store New York

(Image credit: Reid Rolls)

‘Blake is the kind of designer who surprises you with little details that she's picked up from random conversations you've had,’ Zarsky says. ‘This store is so personal to who I am – no detail was overlooked and Blake enlisted every artisan who specialised in their respective fields to create details for the space. The wallpaper featuring all seven of my current and past dogs is something particularly special to me. It also features a hand-painted rendering of the home I grew up in and the trees and plants native to my Texas childhood, as well as trees and plants indigenous to Italy where my mother's side of the family is from.

‘There tends to be snobbery around selling fine jewellery, but I take the opposite approach wanting everyone to feel at ease and comfortable coming into our store, regardless of whether they plan on purchasing that day or not,’ Zarsky concludes. ‘Clients may build and grow into collections we carry over time, but I want them to leave feeling special and feeling like this a place they enjoyed spending time in.’

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