Goossens introduces bridal jewellery

Goossens’ new bridal jewellery collection, ‘Venise’, celebrates texture and bold design

woman wears veil and Goossens bridal jewellery
(Image credit: Goossens)

Opulent antique and Byzantine jewellery codes are the inspiration for Goossens’ first foray into the bridal market, with the new ‘Venise’ collection embracing boldly drawn textural forms.

‘Goossens is a unique alliance of jewellery know-how and fashion parurier [maker of adornments] creating spectacular and sculptural jewels, handcrafted and unique,’ the Goossens team says. ‘The house has entered the bridal category for the first time, creating unique pieces of jewellery for a unique day. And Venice, the ultimate romantic city, was the ideal inspiration. The “Venise” collection, fine and delicate, reminds us of the Venetian ornaments and refinements of the time.’

Goossens bridal jewellery

back of model's head, with Goossens bridal jewellery in hair

(Image credit: Goossens)

The collection encompasses hair jewellery, necklaces, rings and bracelets in a bold amalgamation of pearls, precious stones and warm gold. ‘With the “Venise” bridal collection, Goossens brings a couture touch, inherited from its fashion parurier activity,’ they add. ‘The result: audacious bridal jewels like the “Venise” cross, or pieces of jewellery to be stacked together. The designs stay faithful to the Goossens aesthetic, and magnify the house's favourite stone, rock crystal. Either hand-dyed, or natural, each stone is unique, like the woman who wears it.’

Model wears Goossens bridal jewellery

(Image credit: Goossens)

Rock crystal, when dangling from looping whorls of gold in elegant earrings, or dotting beaded gold in intricate headpieces, adds a romanticism that eschews sentimentality. ‘Offering new collection categories is always daring and exciting, as is introducing our new bridal collection alongside our new hair jewels. The Goossens bridal collection is about noble materials, mother-of-pearl and freshwater pearls; handcrafted pieces which are recognisable in their style and precious to manufacture. As a maison d’art, Goossens will not compromise on creativity and craftsmanship. The bridal collection was also the perfect occasion to create hair jewels for the first time, and magnify yet another part of the woman’s body.’

Model wears long earrings, part of Goossens bridal jewellery

(Image credit: Goossens)

Model wears white off the shoulder dress and Goossens bridal jewellery

(Image credit: Goossens)

Model wears hair jewellery and earrings by Goossens

(Image credit: Goossens)

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