Oppar uses digital technologies to create jewellery pieces that explore the concept of time in hypnotising detail. Titled The Actual Calculations, her collection of 3D-printed nylon and stainless steel brooches and rings attempts to impose some order on time’s infinite nature. The series is based on the idea of Oppar retracing the steps she used to make around a pond during her childhood, this endless encircling forming the cornerstone of her work.


Anneli Oppar. Dream collaborator: Patrícia Domingues

‘The time spent by the pond is difficult to measure,’ explains Opar, who counted the steps around the pond in order to somehow define the human perception of time, and found a pattern in these endless loops – an accuracy encapsulated in the precise nature of the 3D-printing she uses to create her jewellery. By juxtaposing these calculated judgments against the cloudy concept of time, she is free to play with static yet swirling forms. In her hands, this mesmerising repetition cuts undulating silhouettes, making for elegant adornments. §