Levity and luxury: we’re uplifted by Vhernier’s playful take

Palloncino earring/brooch in white gold, rock crystal, diamonds and yellow agate
Left, Palloncino earring/brooch in white gold, rock crystal, diamonds and yellow agate. Right, Palloncino earring/brooch in white gold, rock crystal, diamonds and jade
(Image credit: vhernier)

‘London was the city that was missing for us,’ explains Vhernier chairman Carlo Traglio, of its latest boutique location. Last year, the Italian fine jeweller – which was established in 1984 – also opened stores in Miami’s new Design District, on Italy’s Costa Smeralda, and on the Bosphorus in Istanbul. 

The new Bond Street location is a timely addition to Vhernier’s expanding international portfolio. As well as a strong client-base in London, the British capital has always appealed to Traglio, thanks to its ‘internationality and unconventional elegance’ – attributes he feels reflects Vhernier's own approach to luxury.

But finding the perfect London home proved tricky for the detail-orientated chairman and his team. Traglio employs a ‘no compromise’ approach, meaning timeframes are always negotiable in the name of quality. ‘If we are uncomfortable with some minor detail, the place was ruled out.'

rose gold Vernier bracelets​

Collection of rose gold Vhernier bracelets

(Image credit: vhernier)

The final, hard-won spot – neighbour to Burlington Arcade – is a finely-crafted, slick boutique. It embodies the same lightness and elegance as Vhernier’s goldwork, and reflects Traglio’s perfectionist approach to design. ‘Even after months and months of research, if the wax prototype of a new piece does not satisfy us, it simply won’t go into production.’

Tragilio came to Vhernier in the 2001, and has worked hard to maintain the joy of Vhernier's early 80s works, which remain some of the house’s most successful. The ‘Palloncino’ balloon earrings – the house’s first creation, are timeless in design. Inviting play, they evoke ‘dreams of floating weightlessly in the air, holding onto a thin rope of diamonds,’ and balance levity and luxury in a refreshing fashion.

ring sketches

Aladino ring, with sketches.

(Image credit: Photography: Ummarino)

The ‘Granchio’ crab brooch has an enduring appeal too, thanks to its larger-than-life design. ‘It's not intended to be a slavish imitation of nature, but a contemporary vision of it – a bit like a cartoon,’ Taglio explains.

These two recognisable pieces, which have communicated Vhernier’s story so succinctly over the years, are now featured within the architecture of the boutique. Three, enlarged ‘Palloncini’ are placed in the store, ready to take flight, while the ‘Granchio’ crab can be found outside – clutching on to the doorknob of the front door.

Traglio’s plan for global expansion doesn't stop on Bond Street. With building well underway in a Dubai outpost, scheduled to open this month, there seems to be no stopping Vhernier’s lighthearted take on luxury.

new London boutique

Inside Vhernier's new London boutique

(Image credit: vhernier)

Granchio brooch in white gold

Granchio brooch in white gold, rock crystal, diamonds and coral.

(Image credit: Photography: Ummarino)

Freccia earrings in white gold

Left, Freccia earrings in white gold, rock crystal, diamonds and jade. Right, Freccia earrings in white gold and diamonds

(Image credit: vhernier)


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