Glimpse fine jewellery making at new Vashi store in London

Vashi’s vast Covent Garden store spans two floors and shows off the jewellery making process with views of the workbench and labs

Vashi jewellery store with large screen surrounded by neutral tones and touches of gold
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Fine jewellery brand Vashi has opened its largest store, in Covent Garden, London, spanning 4,476 sq ft and set over two floors. Created in partnership with New York-based creative studio Mythology, the space invites customers into all aspects of the making process, aligning with the transparency which is a key cornerstone of the brand.

Vashi store with transparent walls and concrete floor

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‘To truly bring customers behind the scenes, we wanted the making process to be visible at every point of the customer journey – from the exterior, where jewellery benches sit in the vitrines along the Royal Opera House Arcade, to the workbench, which takes centre stage in the window of James Street, to the open labs which are situated alongside the consultation rooms and bar,’ says Ted Galperin, partner and director of retail at Mythology.

‘These moments of craft cannot be replicated online and give a reason to visit the Vashi flagship,’ he says. ‘We see this type of experiential shopping as the future of retail, and Vashi is at the forefront of this movement.’

Floor-to-ceiling windows make for a bright, welcoming space, while a neutral palette of plaster, concrete and bronze, punctuated with pops of colour, creates an elegant foil for the jewellery. For all the transparency, there’s also a sense of intimacy that makes this the perfect place from which to purchase sentimental items such as alternative engagement rings

For Fred Rigby, who designed the statement sofa, it is a space that has the ability to be cosy: ‘As the store has capacity for lots of customers, we wanted to [enable] multiple meetings but also integrate privacy – so whilst people are sitting on the sofa we created, they feel their meetings are intimate. We always strive to create pieces which, whilst being sculptural, are still comfortable for the sitter, by ensuring we integrate ergonomics and use only luxury supporting materials.’

Vashi jewellery work bench behind glass floor to ceiling windows

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