Numbers game: Stockholm's TID launches its No 3 series

No 3 TR90 orange watch with orange silicone wristband.
Left, The TID founders Ola E Bernestål, Petrus Palmér, Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren. Right, No 3 TR90 orange watch with orange silicone wristband. 
(Image credit: Sandra Myrberg)

TID, the Stockholm-based design-watch brand has launched its new No 3 collection. Developed by Petrus Palmér, CEO of homeware studio Hem, and design studio Form Us With Love, the brand takes its name from the Swedish word for ‘time’.

Form Us With Love was established by Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren Working in 2005. As TID, they work alongside Palmér and Ola Bernestål – all four met at Linnaeus University before establishing TID in 2012: ‘I was studying economics and they were studying design. We were fascinated by each other’s skill-set,’ recalls Bernestål, who is also now TID CEO.

Materials exploration in product design inspired the group to create a watch offering. Form Us With Love is focused mainly on homeware – projects include a collaboration with Plust on a roto-moulded plastic stool and table collection, and the Ogle light fixture for Swedish manufacturer Lyktan. They also work with IKEA, designing products including the Janinge chair, and designed three areas of the new IKEA museum.

The latest TID series, No 3, features cases made of TR90 polycarbonate, a clear, lightweight plastic reminiscent of Swatch watch designs from the 1980s and 90s. The muted spectrum of dials – pewter grey, burnt orange and blush pink – are either matched or contrasted with bright silicon straps that weave through the transparent dial lugs. The crown, meanwhile, is positioned on the left-hand side so that it doesn’t dig in to the hand when the wearer extends their wrist.

‘The use of TR90 is part of our ongoing materials exploration at TID,’ says Bernestål. ‘We are eager to make things intuitively and honestly, so our inspiration comes from everything, whether heavy machinery on the factory floor or toys like Lego.’

A defining feature of TID design is that the numerals rotate around the dial, rather than being positioned vertically. ‘We wanted a geometric, crafted feeling – the Gravur typeface plays in that direction,’ explains Bernestål. ‘Our overall ambition with the design language is to reduce the traditional elements of a watch but keep the essentials, so that these parts really shine.’

The No 3 TR90 white watch face material TR90 is a durable and lightweight plastic

The No 3 TR90 white watch face material TR90 is a durable and lightweight plastic that gives the case an unadorned, monochromatic appearance.

(Image credit: Nille S Lindqvist)

No 3 TR90 grey watch with grey silicone wristband

Left, No 3 TR90 grey watch with grey silicone wristband. Right, cast of No 1 gold watch.

(Image credit: Bohman+Sjöstrand)


For more information, visit the TID website