Samuel Ross unveils his Hublot Big Bang watch design

Samuel Ross brings a polished titanium case and orange rubber strap to the Hublot Big Bang watch

Samuel Ross sitting in a white chair at a wooden table wearing a black jumper and Hublot watch
Samuel Ross wears his take on Hublot’s Big Bang
(Image credit: Hublot)

After winning the first Hublot Design Prize in 2019, creating a sculpture for the brand’s 40th anniversary and serving as an ambassador for Hublot ever since, the British fashion designer Samuel Ross has reimagined the label’s iconic Big Bang timepiece to bring a new perspective and visual language to watchmaking. Issued in a limited edition of 50, the Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross brandishes a satin-finish, polished titanium case, a smooth rubber strap in Ross’ signature orange shade and an architectural honeycomb structure, making it a true collector’s piece.

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross orange watch

(Image credit: Hublot)

‘Without a doubt, this watch is a completely new reinterpretation of the Big Bang Tourbillon seen through the eyes of Samuel Ross,’ says Hublot’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. ‘Together, we were able to play with the codes of the watch, like the case, the titanium honeycomb mesh, the lateral bumpers that protect the case, and the rubber strap and present it in a new way. Hublot is thrilled to take part in a project with a multidisciplinary artist like Samuel Ross, because it pushes our teams to be even more innovative with our ideas, materials, shapes and colours. We are very honoured that Samuel Ross has trusted our production teams to convey his creative vision with our Big Bang.’

Ross says, ‘Our design and development process began as a shared sentiment – the possibility of what the future of watchmaking could look like, across a generation of engineers, collectors and aesthetes. The objective was always rooted in conveying industrial beauty through radical form supported by engineering.’

Orange Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross

(Image credit: Hublot)

In Ross’ hands, Hublot’s distinctive Big Bang case – a stylised hexagon – takes on an extra flair with a titanium honeycomb mesh used on the sapphire dial, case back and strap. Considered one of the fundamental building blocks in nature, seen everywhere from beehives to snake scales, the honeycomb structure’s robustness and efficiency bring a modernity and utilitarian aspect to the wristwatch while packing a visual punch.

Ross says, ‘Hublot is industrial design in its purest form. [This design was inspired by] movement, acceleration, industrial beauty [that] reflect[s] our immediate environments. The city, the coarse materials and colours that format our global epicentres. The flecks of deeply saturated tones bring this matter and repeated glints of colour into a universal palette of vigilance and one linked to global melting pots – this is where the prominence of our signature orange takes centre stage.’

movement inside Hublot watch

(Image credit: Hublot)

Comfort and wearability were also front of mind for Ross. The Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross is intentionally lightweight and teamed with a malleable rubber strap that can be switched out should the wearer prefer a more subdued mood. Sporty orange, however, was specifically chosen for its energy and optimism, and gilds the watch’s tourbillon bridge and lateral bumpers – a striking contrast to the satin-finished case and bezel.

Guadalupe concludes, ‘With [Samuel’s] incredible energy and his unique sensibility to design, we knew that working together would bring to life a one-of-a-kind project. His charisma and creative vision brought out the best of our creative team at Hublot and I think you can see this in the Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross. It’s truly different and unique, and it’s also a great example of Samuel’s love of stark geometry, form and design.’

back of orange hublot Big Bang watch

(Image credit: Hublot)


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