Rado has partnered with Dutch trend researcher Li Edelkoort to create a watch that reflects our current desire for a slower pace of life.

With more time on our hands than usual and external distractions temporarily muted, Edelkoort has noticed a shift in how we find meaning; an enforced break from shopping is leading to a potentially long-term change in behaviour. ‘The industry will respond to this, slimming down designs and producing responsible products that last,’ predicts Edelkoort. ‘But that doesn’t mean we will stop making beautiful things – on the contrary. The focus will be on less and better, reduced and exceptional, sustainable and intuitive.’

Rado and Li Edelkoort encourage us to pause with their new watch

Her new partnership with Rado encapsulates these concepts, and the Rado True Thinline Stillness combines durable materials with a sensual silhouette for a watch that is both joyful and practical. It also marks the first outing for Rado’s new reusable packaging, the recycled plastic box the watch comes in doubling as a travel case.

At only 5mm thick, the watch is crafted from a scratch-resistant, warm white high-tech ceramic. A white dial under a frosted sapphire crystal, and white hour and minute hands mean telling the time takes a second longer, the intention to make us more aware of time passing and question how we best spend it. ‘We know that time is in our hands, while also forgetting it,’ says Edelkoort. §