Piaget revisits stalwart artistry techniques for the Wings of Light high jewellery collection. Marquetry – where miniscule pieces of material are fitted together to create intricate new designs – becomes a pastiche of brilliantly coloured feathers embellished with sapphires and spinel for the Majestic Plumage set, pictured above. With an opulent large tourmaline stone at its centre, it makes for a striking necklace; thoughtfully designed, the plumage can also be removed and worn as an ear cuff or an earring in two parts.

piaget watch
Piaget Wings of Light Secret Cenote Cuff Watch 

Other pieces continue to play on the patterns in colour, with the Cenote watch injecting a more geometric rigidity into its mosaic of blues and greens. The sapphires and diamonds frame a dial in black opal, a stone which was first seen in Piaget’s designs in the Sixties. Then, they were used as an avant-garde rejection of perfect symmetry – here, the more uniform grid-like design of the whole is softened by the aquatic hues of the gems.

An artisan works on a piece from the Piaget Wings of Light Rainbow Light set

Sophisticated technical finishes are again at the heart of the Rainbow Light set, where gold is engraved for a textured finish, a highly delicate process due to the metal’s more pliable nature. It is juxtaposed against an intricate marquetry in leather, wood and mother-of-pearl. Shaping and positioning the mother-of-pearl so to ensure maximum comfort when wearing the piece proved especially testing for the artisans, who during the cutting process employed a curved stand to represent the curves of the body. §

piaget earrings
Piaget Wings of Light Jungle Breeze Earrings