Chasing rainbows: Moushe jewellery passes with flying colours

Moushe jewellery is versatile, bold and fun, and uses recycled gold and repurposed gemstones

Two images, -Left- Model wearing snake earrings, Right- colourful jewellery
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Nabiha Yousuf draws on her roots in Pakistan for jewellery brand Moushe. Vivid colours, sensual shapes and curving silhouettes encapsulate her bold aesthetic, creating versatile pieces which are fun to wear.

The London-based jewellery designer works with artisans based in the historic Gold Market in Karachi, Pakistan, on pieces created from recycled gold and repurposed gemstones. With a focus on wearability – each piece can be worn in multiple ways – the brand gives a playful nod to sustainability.

red ring by Moushe jewellery

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The resulting jewellery embraces colour clashes and unexpected materials in everything from curving rings, made to be stacked and available in a vivid rainbow of enamel-coated colours, to sparkling statement pieces.

Snake-like ear cuffs that coil up the ear, hypnotising spirals which rest on the collarbone and glittering rainbows grazing the jaw bring a fresh fluidity to classic design staples.

colourful jewellery on painting of hand

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Yousuf is inspired by abstract art and the colours and patterns found in nature for her designs. She draws on the history of Pakistan’s Gold Market during the creation process, with the market’s reputation as a hub for jewellery artisans established over the course of the last three centuries.

Yousuf works with a wax worker when she is envisioning her designs, before they are passed on to the artisans and brought to glittering, vivid life.

stacked colourful rings

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snake earrings

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pearl ring

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