If you didn’t know it was Pride Month, a quick look at the multicoloured recent jewellery trends would fill you in, as brands mark the occasion with vibrant tributes. Standing out from the rainbow-hued crowd is jewellery brand Awe Inspired, which has released a necklace in honour of Black trans rights advocate Marsha P Johnson. A hundred per cent of the proceeds of the eponymous necklace, part of the brand’s ‘Goddess’ collection, go to the Marsha P Johnson Institute, in support of its mission to protect and defend the human rights of Black transgender people.

Marsha P Johnson – the ‘P’, she said, stood for pay it no mind – was a tireless campaigner for the LGBTQ+ community in the 1960s and 1970s, and is credited with her bravery in standing up to the police at the 1969 Stonewall riots, an act that spearheaded lasting change.

A gold necklace by Awe Inspired with Marsha P Johnson’s face on it for Pride Month
‘Marsha P Johnson’ necklace, by Awe Inspired, seen in 14ct yellow gold vermeil. A rainbow-beaded enamel chain (seen top) is also available

Now, Johnson’s image takes centre stage on a medallion by Awe Inspired, available in 14ct yellow gold vermeil, solid 14ct yellow gold, and sterling silver. ‘After a year of record anti-trans violence and outspoken transphobia, we were adamant about using our empowering jewellery to uplift and celebrate trans and non-binary women as the Goddesses they are,’ says Max Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Awe Inspired. ‘As Marsha is an icon and hero in the LGBTQ+ community, it is an honour to release a necklace that furthers our goal to ensure that every femme individual can turn to us for a product that empowers them, which undoubtedly includes our trans and non-binary community.’

The brand’s ‘Goddess’ collection honours women from the past, present and from mythology who have made a difference; each piece is a celebration of intersectional feminism and those campaigning for social justice.

To mark the release of the ‘Marsha P Johnson’ necklace, Awe Inspired teamed up with actor and trans rights campaigner Indya Moore, who is the face of its Pride campaign. §