We're entranced by Hedi Slimane's covetable crystals

Celine's take on crystals hosts myriad references, modern and ancient

Celine cuff
Les Cristaux Celine cuff
(Image credit: Adam Barclay)

Hedi Slimane has brought a rock ‘n' roll edge to jewellery since beginning his tenure at Celine, playing with oversized silhouettes and artistic references for chic jewels. In past collections, his flirtation with gleaming textured gold made for bold chains – now, he builds on these foundations for adornments which imbue precious materials with a new spiriutality.

Rich in spiritual references and supposedly endowed with health benefits, crystals have long held the human race bewitched, and now Hedi Slimane has fallen under their spell with the Les Cristaux Celine collection which intertwines jewels in historicity. The crystals, beautiful in their raw geometry, teeter on circles of gold-finished brass. On a cuff, a crystal of rutilated quartz is held suspended, seemingly untethered. Nicknamed Angel Hair, it was rumoured to have been created by the Gods themselves.

On a ring, a sheaf of pyrite – more colloquially known as fool’s gold and which once enthralled the Incas with its alluring glow – is haphazardly placed, cutting a striking architectural silhouette. In a necklace of star mica, the honey-hued stone commonly used by alechemists as a substitute for gold powder, floats in its circle of brass and makes for a tantalising talisman.


(Image credit: Adam Barclay)


(Image credit: Adam Barclay)

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