Dunhill unveils new men’s fine jewellery collection

Dunhill’s new fine jewellery collection, Transmission, nods to the automotive history of the brand

Left, dunhill silver ridged pendant and right, dunhill gold ridged ring
(Image credit: dunhill.com)

Dunhill pay tribute to the automotive history at their heart with a new men’s fine jewellery collection, Transmission. Bracelets, rings and necklaces in white and yellow 18 karat gold encompass a hypnotising pattern of ridges in a reflection of the angled geometrical forms found inside a car’s transmission.

The precise angles of the grooves are a result of the digital creation process which ensures flawless accuracy in the symmetry of the design. For creative director Mark Weston, the pieces are a culmination of a process which has long been in the pipeline: ‘These are important pieces that have enhanced our runway looks and I wanted to explore this category further. With Dunhill’s legitimacy in men’s jewellery, it was important for us to nurture this collection and get it right – keep it focused, thoughtful and cohesive. It’s taken three years of development with jewellery specialists from Richemont to get to this point, and with the increasing interest in men’s fine jewellery, now felt like the perfect time to introduce Transmission.’

Gold ridged mens Dunhill jewellery against a black background

(Image credit: dunhill.com)

Despite the pieces nodding to the heritage of the brand, they are resolutely forwards-looking, defined by a sharp modernity and the arresting juxtaposition of textured surfaces against smooth silhouettes. ‘I wanted to reference our past whilst making it relevant and purposeful for today,’ Weston adds. ‘I like to embrace the duality of elegance and utility, with a sense of fluidity and ease. It’s the subtlety of subversion that’s important – transforming the mechanics of a car gearbox into something beautifully intricate, functional and precise.’

The simple design aesthetic at the heart of the pieces, paired with a focus on high quality materials, ensures pieces will last. ‘Combining a strong design aesthetic with quality materials is crucial and has been important in the development of Transmission,’ says Weston. ‘The gear tooth design gives an immediate visual identity coupled with a very masculine, Dunhill attitude. From a design perspective, it is about a strong image, the understanding of materials and obsession of function, fit and finish. Despite it being men’s jewellery, it doesn’t need to be heavy-handed, but crafted with beauty and restraint.’

Silver ridged Dunhill bracelet

(Image credit: dunhill.com)


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