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Boulo brings colourful jewellery to vivid life in a sparkling new collection

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Colourful jewellery codes abound in Boulo’s fine jewellery. Jewellery designer Begüm Tiryaki Uyulur, who founded her brand in 2020, puts the emphasis on precious stones in a rainbow of hues for jewellery that will take you through the festive season and beyond.

‘This collection is the first step in getting to know myself as a designer,’ Tiryaki Uyulur tells us. ‘Self-awareness and getting to know yourself is a never-ending, difficult, and bumpy road and when it comes to emotions and experiences through that path, to me, nothing is linear, black or white. For this reason, this collection reflects that non-straight, organic journey that doesn’t always show linear growth. In particular, while designing the “Shapeless” ring, I wanted to project our ever-changing emotions. No matter how chaotic and messy our feelings and experiences may seem sometimes, these are the paths the universe created for us, which actually look aesthetically pleasing when viewed from afar.’

Colourful jewellery that’s wearable and fun

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The collection reflects this journey in tactile forms of gold, with colourful stones set into their undulating surfaces. In other pieces, curves and loops draw symbols, such as the Evil Eye, which become playful earrings. Angular earrings, when worn perched on top of the ear, could be mistaken for seductive and intricately embellished hair jewellery.

The resulting aesthetic is original, fun and wearable. ‘I think if someone has a unique style, it's not right to describe it as “good” or “bad”. To wear what you desire, can’t be good or bad, it just needs to be appreciated,’ muses Tiryaki Uyulur. ‘In a world where it’s not easy to express yourself through clothes, jewellery and accessories, perhaps I wanted to colourfully applaud those who succeeded. That is why I wanted to create unique and statement designs for those who seek the uncommon. When I found Boulo, I promised to design statement, unordinary pieces that aren’t found everywhere. Each soul is unique, and my aim should be to give that as a feeling when Boulo is worn. The world doesn’t need another jewellery brand that does hoops and ear studs.’

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She crafted her pieces in a small atelier in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, designing the first collection during the pandemic when she was not able to travel to Turkey. ‘It was very challenging to communicate with the team online all the time,’ she says.

‘The second biggest challenge would be the competition. You start a brand thinking you’re doing something very special, you have a lot to tell the world, you have a vision you want to show, but the market is very crowded to do so, and not necessarily with unique brands. But I believe once you focus on what you believe and just keep going, you get noticed.’

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