Jewellery meets art at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Carpenters Workshop Gallery jewellery collection is unveiled, as the gallery partners with jewellers and designers for sculptural new pieces

gold earrings and sculptural ring
Left, Hermien Cassiers and right, Aldo Bakker
(Image credit: TBC)

Carpenters Workshop Gallery has unveiled a new limited-edition collection of sculptural jewellery. The collection, revealed at Design Miami/Basel, unites a curated selection of artists, designers, architects and specialist jewellers and comprises adornments that blur the lines between design and art.

Jewellers including Alice Cicolini, Sylvie Auvray, Hunrod, Hermien Cassiers, Kayo Saito, Alessandro Palwer, and Ane Christensen interpret figurative and architectural themes in carefully formed, miniature artworks. For some designers, it marks the first venture into jewellery design – Aldo Bakker, who had always refused requests to make jewellery for others, is seduced by the medium for the first time here.

black and gold earrings

Christopher Thompson Royd and Charlap Hyman & Herrero

(Image credit: TBC)

Despite the eclectic nature of the group, all the jewellers have something in common, says Caroline Van Hoek, Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s head of jewellery. ‘They all share a commitment to meaningful and exceptional artistic practice. Carpenters Workshop Jewellery doesn’t have a main aesthetic, neither does the main Gallery. It’s very much about the artists, their practice and their relevance in their field. They all differ tremendously but have in common that do they create works that are sculptural and artistic.’

The jewellery celebrates intricate and sensual forms, from Belgian jeweller Hermien Cassiers’ hypnotising plays on geometry knitted in her own gold alloy formula, to Japanese jeweller Kayo Saito’s works that nod to calligraphy in their fluid silhouettes. French artist Sylvie Auvray has created over 20 silver rings that take on a mischievous life of their own, while Alice Cicolini weaves Eastern influences into her curved designs.

‘In keeping with Carpenters’ ethos of blurring the boundaries between art and design, the main criteria was the artistic expression and the importance of [the designers’] work within the jewellery world,’ adds Van Hoeck. ‘All the selected artists are exceptional in their creativity and practice, and are doing something new that will excite jewellery collectors.’

black and gold earrings

Kayo Saito

(Image credit: TBC)

stack of rings

Alice Cicolini

(Image credit: TBC)

silver ring

Sylvie Auvray

(Image credit: TBC)


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