Jeweller Suzanne Kalan creates seductive black sapphire collection

Baguette-cut sapphires are irregularly placed in the new 25-piece jewellery collection from Suzanne Kalan

Suzanne Kalan black sapphire bracelet
(Image credit: Suzanne Kalan)

‘I’ve been deliberating a black sapphire collection for a few years now,’ muses California-based jeweller Suzanne Kalan. Known for her baguette-cut pieces in a rainbow of bright colours, Kalan has crossed over to the dark side with a new jewellery collection composed entirely of black sapphires.

‘Initially, I saw it as a way to incorporate pieces into my collection that men could also wear; something I’ve been asked to consider by many over the years. This idea was then supported by retailers, who had seen the increase in demand and the trend for black jewellery. I therefore decided to combine these two elements and integrate with baguettes and differing shades of coloured sapphires to form the collection.’

The jewellery, which includes seductive rings and bracelets crafted from 18ct gold, retains the irregular placing of baguette-cut stones familiar to fans of Kalan’s Fireworks collection, although the darker tones add an unexpected edge. ‘I find black sapphires incredibly elegant,’ she adds. ‘You certainly don’t see them being worn every day. The more I looked at them the more I was captivated by them.’

The 25-piece collection looks its seductive best when stacked, adding drama to the spiky silhouettes. ‘Although I love colour in my jewellery, I tend to always dress in black, apart from in summer. I guess you can say black is my favourite colour, so why not add it to my jewellery designs?’

Suzanne Kalan black sapphire ring

(Image credit: Suzanne Kalan )

Suzanne Kalan black sapphire bracelet

(Image credit: Suzanne Kalan)


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