New hues: Audemars Piguet’s architectural watches

The newest additions to the Code 11.59 collection feature lacquered dials in smoky new colours

Audemars Piguet’s architectural watches
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Last year, Audemars Piguet’s unveiling of the new Code 11.59 collection made horological headlines when it joined other iconic watch families including the Royal Oak and Offshore as a permanent pillar of the brand.

The watches are recognisable for their unique geometric architecture, pairing an octagonal case with a deep double curve of sapphire crystal. This year’s just-released new additions continue the play with colour begun last year, adding lacquered hues of blue, burgundy, purple, light and dark grey in a rainbow accentuating the refractions of light from the crystal dome.

Black watch

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‘For each dial, numerous layers of lacquer are applied by hand on the brass dial to reach the desired hues of colours and sunburst effect,’ says development director Lucas Raggi. ‘A thin layer of transparent lacquer tops off the dial. The dial is ultimately polished for a smooth effect.’

Both the sunburst and smoked effects bring a tantalising depth to a dial which otherwise adheres to more classical design codes. ‘The effect of these lacquered dials convey light and movement, enhancing the watch’s numerous details through an ever-changing play of light,’ says Raggi. ‘The lacquer’s smooth finishing radiates refined nuances depending on the angle from which the watch is seen, while magnifying the details composing the dial.’

Purple watch

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