LA artist Jen Stark’s colourful Armitron watch designs

Armitron has teamed up with artist Jen Stark for eight bold watch designs

Brightly coloured watch on a patterned background
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New York brand Armitron has partnered with LA-based multi-media artist Jen Stark for a colourful new watch collection, with eight one-of-a-kind watches and a selection of cheerfully bright best Apple Watch bands drawn in vibrant and vivid detail.

The new pieces unite Armitron’s emphasis on simple design codes and easy affordability with Stark’s bold aesthetic. The resulting watches form a kaleidoscope of colour, merging monochrome patterns with waves of bright hues.

Jen Stark makes Armitron watches her canvas

‘I treated each of these watches as a canvas,’ Stark explains. ‘I started by brainstorming and drafting different ideas in my sketchbook. Once I could visualise them, I chose my favourites and digitised each design to be vectorised for production. The designs echo what I'm exhibiting at “Cascade” at The William Vale,’ she says, referring to her immersive exhibition at a hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The hypnotic murals, sculptures and projections that comprise the show are here rethought on a watch face.

Brightly coloured watch on a white background.

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Considering functionality as the key component of the design was a priority for Stark: ‘My biggest challenge was how to translate my work in a way that would activate the existing features of the watch, such as the face, the band, the numbers, and the clock hands,’ she says. ‘I see challenges as a way to expand upon my creativity. Sometimes when I am faced with certain limitations, it inspires me even more and I engage with my mind and my designs in a new way.’

The pieces stay faithful to a style that delights in a full spectrum of colour and bold contrasts, creating a variety of pieces with popular appeal. ‘I wanted some to be super colourful and flashy like my personal style, but I also wanted to explore subtle pops of pattern and even black and white contrast.’ She adds: ‘I’ve never created my own watch design before and was thrilled to work with Armitron, because they make beautiful, classic designs and are also very family-oriented. They allowed me to have full creative freedom to realise my vision and I’m extremely excited for this collection.’

Watch with patterned face on colourful background.

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Black and white watch face with silver strap.

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