A good egg: All Blues serves up its breakfast-inspired jewellery collection

Ruined Omelette
For its ’Ruined Omelette’ micro-collection, Swedish jewellery label All Blues took inspiration from the beauty of broken eggshells
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For Swedish jewellery label All Blues, inspiration comes in the most mundane of morning routines. ‘Frederik was making breakfast at home and he dropped an egg on the floor,’ explains Jacob Skragge, of his design partner Frederik Nathorst’s kitchen mishap, which inspired their ‘Ruined Omelette’ micro-collection.

‘When eggs crack they look very beautiful,’ Skragge explains of the inspiration behind the collection, which is comprised of sterling silver earrings and pendants that resemble delicate fragments of eggshell. The collection also features gleaming yolk-like studs in 18 karat gold, and oversized textured earrings in sterling silver, that appear like solid pools of egg white.

The unusual pieces were made in a third-generation foundry, a short train ride from Stockholm. ‘It’s fantastic to be able to work with that kind of local craftsmanship,’ Skragge says. ‘Sweden has an amazing craft and jewellery heritage, but many of its smaller workshops have closed.’

collection inspired by breakfast rituals

All Blues’ recent collection is inspired by breakfast rituals

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Personal experience is integral to All Blues’ design approach. Its 'Hungry and Satiated Snakes' core collection took inspiration from observing the eating habits of serpents, while on a trip to the zoo. It features minimalist hooped earrings and bracelets, which increase and decrease in thickness, made in polished and carved silver, and 18-karat rose and yellow gold. ‘We were inspired by a snake’s ability to change shape while digesting,’ Skragge explains.

‘We like to do smaller, more conceptual pieces along the way,’ Skragge explains of the micro-collections which they release throughout the year. For the launch of 'Ruined Omelette’, available exclusively through the Brooklyn based jewellery boutique Quiet Storms, All Blues created a lookbook come cookbook, celebrating not only its locally-designed creations, but also the culinary history of Sweden.

One side features an omelette recipe made with Alba truffles, spring onions, Amaretto and betroot reduction, and parmesan foam. The recipe was created for the brand by Stefano Catenacci, head chef at Stockholm’s Operakällare restaurant. The campaign images on the other side are shot in the majestic oak-panelled dining room of the restaurant, which opened in 1787. ‘We asked Catenacci to make his favourite omelette recipe for us,’ Skragge says of their interdisciplinary approach. ‘It really completes the story.’

textured earrings in sterling silver

The collection includes oversized textured earrings in sterling silver, that appear like solid pools of egg white

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All The Blues Feature 3 0

Created in a third-generation foundry in Sweden, pieces include gleaming yolk-like studs in 18-karat gold

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For more information, visit the All Blues website, and the Quiet Storms website