Moncler Grenoble's operatic A/W 2014 show

Remo Ruffini hits all the high notes at New York's Hammerstein ballroom

Normally what happens at a fashion show is the following: the guests all file into a well-known and well-trodden location, typically a white box with bright lighting. The music starts and the models walk in and out like zombies (not even flustered by the occasional streaker, a new fashion week tradition). None of this, however, ever happens at a Moncler fashion show. Remo Ruffini is the Houdini of the fashion world and this season the fun-loving magician packed a full house at New York's Hammerstein ballroom. When the curtain fell, the audience's jaws dropped onto a stage featuring 60 models in towering cubbyholes, and nine opera singers strapped into what appeared to be bionic stretchers in the foreground. All of the performers, of course, were buttoned up in Moncler Grenoble, the Tony performance-worthy ski line from the puffer jacket maker. The static models looked like a chessboard in black and white, from the top of their fox hats and puffer jackets to their ski pants and Yeti boots. The opera singers, meanwhile, hit all the high notes in padded tailcoats and bowties, as they were flung back and forth on the stage like hands on a clock. It was wild, wacky and wonderful - just the sort of thing we expect from the out-of-the-box thinkers at Moncler. Watch the show unfold...

Fashion Features Editor

Jack Moss is the Fashion Features Editor at Wallpaper*. Having previously held roles at 10, 10 Men and AnOther magazines, he joined the team in 2022. His work has a particular focus on the moments where fashion and style intersect with other creative disciplines – among them art and design – as well as championing a new generation of international talent and profiling the industry’s leading figures and brands.