Watch RCA graduate Will Yates-Johnson make (break and remake) the striking sculptural lettering that appears on the cover of our 2016 Graduate Directory

In anticipation of our reveal of the year’s hottest future design innovators, we invited RCA graduate Will Yates-Johnson to produce ’The Next Big Things’ –  the striking sculptural lettering that appears on the front cover of the January 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*202), our annual Graduate Directory. Here, we go behind the scenes from start to finish, observing a process in which Yates-Johnson utilises Polyspolia – a recyclable material that can be repeatedly broken down and reformed – to realise the 3D letters. ’This is a joyful process of destruction and creation that enables products to accumulate beauty and depth as they are transformed through each remaking cycle’ says Yates-Johnson. Through his new manufacturing technique, made possible with the help of cutting firm STF London to join and mould the pieces, ’The Next Big Things’ are set to enter the spotlight via our cover shoot, by photographer Thomas Brown. Film direction: Jaroslav Moravec

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