‘Monsieur Poiré’ by Ian Wright and Caran d’Ache

Moved by the intricate processes of Swiss pencilmaker Caran d’Ache, British artist Ian Wright recreates leading 19th-century French cartoonist Emmanuel Poiré in pencils. All captured on Sony 4K film

Our pairing of the British artist Ian Wright with the Swiss pencilmaker Caran d’Ache for Wallpaper* Handmade 2014 couldn’t have yielded more inspiring results (watch them unfold in this Sony 4K film). Moved by the precision and intricate processes that Caran d’Ache employs even when making the humble pencil, Wright set out to represent the company in a whole new way. He honed in on Emmanuel Poiré, a leading 19th-century French cartoonist who went by the pseudonym Caran d’Ache and after whom the company was named (Caran d’Ache stems from the Russian word for pencil). Wright decided to recreate Poiré’s likeness in pencils. Despite his love for colours, Wright felt a need to pull back and limit himself to just a few colours. The pencils are held in place by resin bases that are used during the pencil manufacturing process as a reference to the whole journey.

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