Private viewing

We find sanctuary in Carlo Brandelli and Ewa Wilczynska’s intimate artist project

In the age of social media, blockbuster art exhibitions (and the heaving crowds that accompany them) have become an all too common experience. So we were delighted when designer and longtime Wallpaper* friend Carlo Brandelli invited us to experience the debut of a refreshingly intimate project with Ewa Wilczynska in London recently, entitled BOUND 1 In A Liminal Possibility. The artists interacted with each viewer privately in the installation room, presenting artworks including: a 19th-century Chinese silk robe, lotus shoes, hand-sculpted porcelain dolls, prosthetic foam, gold-plated paramagnets and the evocative scent of pear flesh. ‘These artworks are made for the scale of a human hand, some objects can be held, and your energy will be directly engaged,’ explain the duo. ‘We live our futures first. An idea of a perfect spiritual aesthetic perhaps flawed in its own theory, without a place in time.’ Here, exclusively on, Brandelli and Wilczynska invite you into their sanctuary.; @ewawilczynski