Combining two of our favourite pursuits in one luxury package, the Spa Boat – designed by Norway-based, Finnish architect Sami Rintala – brings an added dimension to the standard spa weekend.
Taking a stripped-down 1950s fishing boat as the skeleton of his project, Rintala adapted the bare woods and curving walls as integral design elements of his vision.
The depths of the hold, where tons of North Sea fish were once stored, now plays host to a wood-clad spa area - featuring a Turkish Hammam, (complete with the obligatory steambath, bath tub and hot tiles) Zen lounge with wood burning fireplace and a sauna surrounded by panoramic windows.
The Scandi-inspired luxury continues on deck, with a hot tub designed for mid-winter Aurora Borealis gazing, whilst a seven meter-high diving board provides release for those with more frenetic agendas.
Boasting three, well-proportioned guest bedrooms, the Spa Boat can play host to as many as twelve guests at a time, whilst the on-board kitchen – which brings to mind many a pared-down Scandinavian eatery – comes complete with a host of professional chefs.
Moored in the Arctic city of Tromsø and unveiled at the end of last year, the Spa Boat offers an authentic – if wintry - take on the spa experience.