Tables & chairs in restaurant with hanging lights above
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A Brazilian Jabuticaba tree branches elegantly from a square-based planter, taking centre stage in the minimalist Ito-Biyori café in Osaka. Utilising a warm palette of oak and Southern Japanese Hemlock, the interiors, by local architect Yasuo Imazu of Ninkipen Studio are earthy and stripped-down, reflecting the clean, organic and seasonal food on the menu. A large, circular mirror in the centre of a wall breaks up the space’s straight edges while Wishbone chairs by Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner suggests and undertone of comfort to the otherwise deceptively simple room. Sliding window panels connect the cafe’s interior to the patio outside, a former parking lot converted into a garden by designer Akemi Hatta, allowing guests to enjoy homemade pastries and cakes with a side of nature.

Large table & chairs in front of stone wall

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Entrance of restaurant

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Midorigaoka 1
Osaka 560-0002