Onomichi U2 Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan - Exterior
(Image credit: Toshiyuki Yano)

A ramshackle warehouse dating from 1943 has been given a new lease of life by local studio Suppose Design Office, who opted to turn the low-lying building into a multi-purpose development comprising a hotel, restaurant, café, bar and two shops.  Sited along the port of the small seaside town of Onomichi in eastern Hiroshima, the entire space has been devised to accommodate cyclists, who can ride straight up to the reception desk, keep their bikes on the fitted racks in their guestroom and enjoy the 'cycle-thru' counter in the café. The open-plan kitchen in the restaurant meanwhile, serves up a menu of pizzas topped with local ingredients as well as fresh seafood from the area. The 'shima' (island in Japanese) shop sells a variety of local homemade products such as citrus fruit jams, while the bike shop rents bicycles by Giant, which you can use to explore the area or cycle the popular 70km trail, which takes you across six bridges and eight islands within the Seto inland sea.

Onomichi U2 Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan - Reception

(Image credit: Toshiyuki Yano)

Onomichi U2 Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan - Dining Room

(Image credit: Toshiyuki Yano)

Onomichi U2 Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan - Guest Room

(Image credit: Toshiyuki Yano)


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