A view of the restaurant tables
(Image credit: TBC)

Perched on a narrow wedge-shaped rooftop in Mykonos Town, the central hub on the delightful Cycladic isle of the same name, Phos restaurant has taken the traditional Greek pergola and transformed it into a sculptural canopy under which diners eat. Designed by Athens-based LM Architects, who are well known for their shape-shifting wooden installations, the appropriately named eatery (Phos means 'light' in Greek) is bathed in sunlight most of the day with the pergola creating a myriad of shapes and forms across the boutique-sized restaurant floor. Serving traditional local fare with lots of aubergines, fish and coastal crustaceans, the restaurant seamlessly blends into the local landscape, backed by the parched hills of Mykonos whilst looking out over the paradisiacal Aegean sea beyond.

A view of the Restaurant tables

(Image credit: TBC)