Bill and Coo Coast Suites — Mykonos, Greece

Room with bed, television and mirror, small balcony overlooking the ocean
(Image credit: TBC)

Bill and Coo’s second Mykonos property is a no-holds-barred sweep of 15 spacious suites that exploit every single trope of a classic Grecian holiday. For starters, the setting is a jaw-dropping gorgeous pastiche of a sapphire blue sky hovering over the Aegean Sea, Delos island in the distance, and the chapel of St. John in the foreground. 

Landscape architects Greenways have used white stone and rushes to demarcate spaces and provide natural screens that filter wind and sun without sacrificing any of the views. 

Meanwhile, the suites start from a roomy 30 sqm, and steadily expands up the room categories to a 45 sqm, one-bedroom pad with a private terrace and pool. Here, the British interior designers k-studio have kept the palette on the monastic side, layering the white-washed walls and ceilings embedded with timber trellises with polished screed and marble floors, and bespoke chestnut furniture. 

It is all meant to evoke a zhooshed-up take on a typical Mykonian aesthetic, especially in the way the screed floor flows up against the lounge wall to create a bench or seat. A particularly nice touch is the trompe l’oeil of a herringboned ‘rug’ of hammered marble beneath the bed. Not that there’ll be much lying-in to be done – not with the beach barely 50m away.

Lounge with couch and coffee table with single chairs, balcony with single table and 2 chairs overlooking the ocean

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Connection between bedroom and lounge with wall display

(Image credit: TBC)

White/light walls and linen with light wooden woods used for soft contrast

(Image credit: TBC)

Towel hooks create a soft contract in the room

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Bathroom with stone/marble sinks and mirror with makeup mirror attached to side wall

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