The Fritz interior purple banquette seating, blush tub chairs and marble floor tiles
(Image credit: Floor Knaapen and Sal Marston)

The newly minted The Fritz is a textbook example of what happens when a single agency takes control of the entirety of a project – from the interior design right down to the design of the room keys, table linen and brand identity – to create a cohesive whole.

The individuality of the 32-room property is telegraphed at check-in, the process taking place at the bar. Says Vivian van Schagen, the creative director of the Amsterdam-based The Invisible Party, ‘This is the sweetly nostalgic, Wes Anderson version of a fancy hotel. We wanted to create a place where locals could come for lunch, dinner, drinks and music, and where travellers could enjoy a great meal without leaving the hotel.’

The design flourishes are a treat. Off-kilter colour blocks break up otherwise monotone walls, modern pieces of furniture are set off by herringboned timber floors, giant pop-coloured discs and frames line the stairwell, whilst thickly patterned dark grey and white throws add a jolt of texture to the minimalist creamy bedrooms. In the restaurant Fritz’s Frau Franzi, a wall of windows folds out into a narrow air-well lined with extravagantly coloured silk flowers. 

A bonus: Königsallee, Düsseldorf’s main retail strip, is a brisk two-minute trot away.

The Fritz cocktail bar with white marble bar and black stools, wooden flooring and grey wall panelling

(Image credit: Floor Knaapen and Sal Marston)

The Fritz dining area with purple banquette and a wall of folding windows onto wall of colored silk flowers

(Image credit: Floor Knaapen and Sal Marston)

The Fritz bedroom and bathroom with patterned grey and white throws

(Image credit: Floor Knaapen and Sal Marston)

The Fritz bedroom with light grey walls, kingsize bed with green padded headboard and wall mounted lamps

(Image credit: Floor Knaapen and Sal Marston)


Adersstrasse 8
40215 Düsseldorf


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